Russia will gain accession to Ukraine

Russian accession to save UkraineRussian rescue decay country and accession to Ukraine. Such a sudden the idea expressed by Ukrainian political scientist Sergey Datsyuk in an interview with the creator of the book "time has come" ("The Time is Now"), Konstantin Matvienko, held in Kiev studio radio "Freedom".

According to the views of Datsyuk, "he anarchism, which began … from the Maidan, evenly leaked to Russia, and our home is now infected with anarchism. " "This is the worst thing that could make Ukraine", — he said, adding: the worst "in terms of RF. "

Russian political scientist has to connect the mind with the passionarnostju Ukrainians. "In Russia, young people are much smarter than our young people, but it is much less energetic, in the sense passionarnost lot below. In Ukraine, by contrast, passionarnost, with positive passionarnost, no mood for it, so pobuzit and fight with the police, specifically the positive passionarnost much higher, and intellectualism markedly lower. In this sense, there is trivial imbalance, as in Russia and the Ukraine, and one of the ways out of this situation is the integration of, say, Russian intellectualism and our of drive, but that will end badly for Russia, just completed, and the collapse of the accession of territories in Ukraine, with it according to their own wishes, "- dreams Datsyuk.

In his view, for Russia "This is salvation." "That is for the European part of Russia, that's way out of the situation — the disintegration of the Russian Federation through adherence to the Ukraine — would be salvation," — he said.

However, there is, in his words, and "the other scenario, when, in fact, there will be intellectual movements that are able to bring the existing positive energy." "This is another scenario that does not mean the role of the Russian Federation as such. In other words, in this sense, we will be "indifferent" to what happens in RF, in the sense that it will not affect us much such a huge impact, as it was previously. Here are two fundamentally different scenarios, "- said Datsyuk.

Add that before the Kiev political analyst Yuri Romanenko (gained fame in late 2008, when he organized the campaign "Enough!") Predicted that Ukraine is waiting in the not to distant future oligarchs war, armed conflict and the disintegration of the country. A similar scenario is realized, and in Russia — in both countries there is a failure of political regimes to solve systemic problems.

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