Russian air defense in the event of a threat can intercept a missile from North Korea

Russian air defense in case of danger can intercept a missile from North Korea

Russian military in the event of differences between the North Korean missile intercept of the line of traffic and prevent it falling debris to the principal objects in the terrain of the country, said in a RIA Sun Announces a senior source in the Defense Ministry.

North Korea is preparing to perform a launch in the period from 10 to 22 December. According to media reports, spices DPRK completed installation of the first stage of a three-stage rocket, which, according to the Pyongyang will have to launch a research satellite. The international community suspects that in reality gallakticheskaya programm DPRK is a disguised test of ballistic missiles. In April 2012, a test site was Shohei the launch rocket "Ynha-3" satellite "Kwangmyongsong-3", but it ended without success.

"In the Far East and in other regions of the Russian Federation all funds Defense: the radio troops, and anti-aircraft missile troops constantly combat duty. And the allocated forces and air defense quite as long as we are not talking about a further strengthening. If such a need will certainly (we will strengthen), "- said the official.

He stressed that all the lines of motion in which rocket can fly, Russian military calculated.

"Funds in order to deflect the missile did not fall on the objects to be defensive, we have, "- said the source.

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