Russian Air Force Museum will be restored

The Russian Air Force Museum will be restored

Central Museum Army Air Forces, located in the suburban Monin, was created at the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin 28 November 1958 on the basis of repair of aircraft workshops. Then there was the tremendous work done by searching majestically Russian aircraft period. Exposure Air Force Museum is presented in two hangars and 6 halls. It should be noted that all major aviaderzhavy consider this museum one of the great aviation museums in the world. Russian Aircraft Collection called "fantastic." It allows you to trace the development of aviation from the first aircraft to the newest ships.

Lost in the fire exposure of the unique exhibition of the Museum staff managed retrieve Only seven years later.

According disk imaging "Moskovsky Komsomolets" exposure "The origin and development of aviation" is almost a hundred percent burned in the 2005 fire suddenly broke out in one of the halls. In the fire of aircraft engines suffered very beginning of the last century (their museum staff did not have time to make). It is clear that the model airplanes, many of the documents and pictures were lost irretrievably.

For the creation of the newest employees had to raise the exposure data from archives to make copies of records, collect artifacts (including a search for them in the population). And that's not to mention the recovery room. Now, February 23, will be a festive opening of the latest exhibition — a little old title. It will be more than two hundred objects: model airplanes, stands with rare pictures, engines, bombs and more.

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