Russian Air Force received the new dry

Russian Air Force received a brand-new "dry"

Russian Air Force received new aircraft. This frontline bombers Su-34 in the amount of 4 cars. These prototype aircraft are effective as of days and NIGHT MODE. Aircrafts for all that can destroy land and sea targets of the enemy.

Recruits airbase "Baltimore" in Voronezh in the sky met the Su-24 — Russian Air Force veterans. This air is very symbolic baton. In the coming time Cy-34 — the latest generation of front-line bombers — have to change an old park. Manage the data entrusted aircraft pilots who have had special training. Bombers from Novosibirsk, where they are collected, to Voronezh flew for three hours. Although the time and did not record. The Su-34 has a top speed of 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour.

"Machine proved to be very good in the air, virtually the entire flight was in automatic mode. It's very comfortable. In time piloting crew actually gets tired. And you can eat and relax "- says Major Dennis Freedman, the commander of the crew.

Su-34, according to the pilots, has absorbed all the best from its predecessors, and with all this got rid of the bugs that they had. This machine able to fly in at least some time of the day and in all weather conditions. The increased fuel capacity, good aerodynamics, super-efficient engines with a digital control system, as in-flight refueling system, which is able to provide a plane flight over vast distances, which are close to the average range flights of strategic bombers, that's only part of the pluses of the newest cars. Active safety system and new computers have allowed the ability to make extra navigator and pilot conduct precision bombing, and to maneuver under fire.

The highest range of the Su-34 is 4000 km. This allows the car to do puzzles in a deep rear, causing a clear and massive attacks on ground targets. Super-modern avionics and missile weapon air-to-air, gives the opportunity to use this machine as a bomber either as a fighter in the case of air combat.

"Dying" came from the factory in the basic configuration. Armament will be set already in place. Type of weapon was not specified. With all of this this bomber can carry a combat load of up to 8000 kg. Fire can be carried out on several targets. Not counting all Sou-34 has a developed system survivability. Reinforced armor protects the crew cabin. Plane capable of doing puzzles and combat at low altitude, and in the "fly-around" and "overcome" obstacles.

"Su-34 can operate on sea and land targets or air targets. Additionally, he can lead a different kind of intelligence — radio-electronic, laser or optical" — said the commander of the Voronezh air base Kanamat Botas.

In order Voronezh air base until the end of the year will be transferred to another 6 new Sukhoi Su-34. At the airport they are already prepared for the spec. parking of aircraft and collapsible modules created for storage of aircraft. Over the next week will begin training flights. With the passage of time from the new SU will form a real squadron.

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