Russian Air Force will receive 60 MiG-31BM

The Russian Air Force will receive 60 MiG-31BM

Prior to 2020, RF will be upgraded over 60 interceptor MiG-31. As RIA "Novosti", it said Col. Vladimir Drik, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense RF. All the aircraft upgrade to version BM. The contract for the respective work concluded in 2011 with the United Aircraft Company.

Price applets aircraft modernization is not specified. These works will hold in the Russian Federation, state armaments program for 2011-2020. The amount of funding programs from set at 20 trillion rubles. For the modernization of an old and buying the latest military equipment, and some other projects in 2012, is expected to be allocated 1.769 trillion rubles, of their 1109000000000 receive specific Defense RF.

The upgraded MiG-31 will be equipped with new weapons control system and radars capable of detecting targets at ranges of up to 320 km and hit them at a distance of 280 km. MiG-31BM immediately be able to accompany the 10 air targets with guided weapons on 6 of them. Upgraded interceptors will be able to "work" with ground air defense system and to coordinate actions in a part of other fighters.

Compared to previous versions of the interceptors flying characteristics MiG-31BM will not change. Cruising speed of the aircraft up to 2.5 thousand km / h (the maximum allowable speed of up to 3 thousand km / h). Combat range interceptor MiG-31 — 720 km. In service with Russian Air Force at the present time, according to various estimates, there are between 137 to 146 MiG-31, and in the reserve are still about 100 of these aircraft.

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