Russian army again did not have time to be a modern

For some reason not many who are very striking anxiety "Independent Military Review" about modern anti-missile systems.
The newspaper "NVO" directed attention to the depressing regularity of anti-tank defense. What happens in fact, try to find out in this article.

It so happened that the Russian Federation Defense Ministry has missed a nuance of development in the field of defense weapons — anti-tank missiles. The world has long since acquired new systems and complexes in this area, which provide a non-contact solutions for defense and attack.

Yes, we have something to fight against the heaviest possible enemy armor, helicopters, weapons included in the program from 2020 — the Ka-52 and Mi-28N. But ATRA 2nd generation "Vortex-M" and "Attack" 2020 will be a hell keep up with the third-generation ATGM zabugornyh helicopters. Russian anti-tank systems that were released in a batch creation in 90 years, they have at the moment in need of modernization and improvement.
About this situation, and in armor, if not quite so long ago, the chief of the General Staff N.Makarov criticized the T-90, which is read on the basis of tank troops — T-72.

The Russian army again does not have time to be a modern

It is clear that the application of the Western media that the NATO forces defeat the technology worked Russian tanks, should not be taken as the truth, but then the reason for such statements from them pretty.

ATRA, are in service with Russian tanks, designed for the destruction of U.S. tanks «Abrams-M1" and «Abrams-M1A1" twenty years ago. And for the past 20 years has increased the protection of tanks, so that even a few direct hits from acting ATRA zabugornyh not guarantee settlement tanks.

Chief of the General Staff of the openly declared that the funds that go into the purchase of the T-90, it is easier to buy zabugornye "Leopards", again the same as when we talk about the T-72.
Yes, the Russian developments in this area and go well, but, unfortunately, they are not and most likely will not be in the program of arms, as it has already been approved and running.

Devotes his attention to the newspaper "NWO" and on the configuration of disposition of military operations. Virtually all recent armed conflicts are non-contact, armament used self-propelled machinery or used with great distances to destroy enemy armored vehicles. These criteria is not clear how the introduction of our military proved morally aging ATRA and their ability to withstand current equal arms of foreign countries.

Recall that all Russian anti-tank systems, both helicopter and ground, will not be able to overcome the bar on defeat opponent more than 15 km.

England intensively on the modernization of anti-tank «Brimstone» 3rd generation to improve the hitting range. Anti-tank missile to equip with an active radar seeker, a digital autopilot performance, inertial guidance system, a tandem warhead, pierced the armor of 1200 mm, range the rocket about 10 km.

The United States already is ur «JAGM» 3rd generation range defeat 16 km, the delivery of fire a missile from an aircraft range lesions increases to 28 km.

The Russian army again does not have time to be a modern

At this time, the Russian ATRA refer to the 2nd generation, except perhaps that the "Chrysanthemum", and its experts do not belong to the third generation, faster to the crotch Generation 2 +.

The current anti-tank and anti-tank systems are not managed with modern zabugornoy ERA, a tandem and just neutralize the combat units of modern Russian missiles to destroy enemy armored vehicles, and the lack of anti-tank systems with long-range actions and inaction in this area in the near time to give of yourself to know.

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