Russian army: no whips, there were one gingerbread

The Russian army: no whips, there were one gingerbreadWe know quite a lot about social advertising and realize its purpose. Seeing as the display tele student selects a bloodless kitten sitting on the porch in the pouring rain is, we understand — it longs to break the ice maker in our souls. Scenes from the car crashed into fragments, blood on the pavement and breathalyzer readings of meters peaking — we are called to observe traffic rules and not to drink alcohol before they get behind the wheel. But there is a category of social advertising, which is more like some propaganda, to say the least — a zombie.

In late October, one of the central recurring publications distributed millions of copies, has posted an article that the Russian army every day or becoming civilized and civilized. Understandably, the patriotic thoughts in our country and can even be cultivated, but not in the form of a very obscure facts.

So, according to some monitoring, it appears that after a period of compulsory military service at the legislative level was reduced to 12 months, completely missing such a thing as "bullying." Say, can not fighter, lasted six months before the arrival of the young call call themselves "grandfather". This contradicts vneglasnoy soldier hierarchy, which is produced for decades! Analysts say the monitoring that the fighter is now no need to humiliate the honor and dignity of a soldier, because he did not even have time to blink an eye, his life of coming to its logical end. It turns out that in almost every part of the Russian almost all the walls are covered with phone numbers where one can to call and complain about the presence of hazing. Not a lot of complaining now one can without a twinge of conscience. A bit that — call me immediately, soldier, prosecutor or directly to the mobile part of the commander's own.

Human rights activist Sergei Krivenko says that the modern soldier anywhere you can use a mobile phone, and the means he at any moment can complain to their own sergeant who led him to wash floors before joining the outsourcing service. In this regard, the eyes are also gets the picture as crawling on the floor with a rag fighter pulls out of the pocket and the phone number in the contacts finds the Head Military Prosecutor. A year of service such that number is already possible to look for the middle nedavneshnih calls …

Further social advertising greenhouse test service in the Russian army says that the commanders themselves totally uneconomic "separate" in the case of bullying. Of course! For now, the battalion commander, according to the latest statements of the Government of the Russian Federation, will pay 66 thousand rubles per month. For the money, apparently, the battalion commander may be required to respond to all the calls from the fighter, their mothers, women and former women — the number to be his reddish marker written on the wall — call who want to …

Not so long ago placed the number that the number of crimes in the military compared with the previous year not in the least reduced. It would seem that now is utter people who tend to call our army the most humane and civilized! But at them and at this point there own answer. It turns out that in fact the number of crimes in the army … has decreased dramatically! The fact is that all the crimes earlier Tipo just painstakingly hiding, and now Russian armed forces so transparent that even jumped on the pimple on the body of a fighter becomes public. Every sin in the army now painstakingly investigated, prosecutors are at the limit of their own forces. Not bad, that later in the official reports of routine criminal cases there is evidence, as one fighter committed suicide by 3 shots to the head, and the other — hang himself, for himself before breaking for the leg, rib, breaking his jaw and eyes.

By PSAs about the army can add words to the effect that it is time to turn away from the soldier unconditional execution of orders coming from the commanders. If army democratised, the each order to have long time to make a soldier's referendum — let everyone express their opinion, they now want to run the shooting range or ride in cars, fill the bed or quit because there is — still the same in the evening to go to bed … to every soldier in social advertising can be attached squire of outsourcing services . After all, the soldier can be hard to wear a private instrument, and listless, he will not be able to do combat tasks.

In general, concise monitoring result: hazing Serdyukov emperor committed suicide, the transparency of military service life secured, currency allowance raised to dizzying heights, the relationship of the soldier to general established. Not army, a recreational park goes.

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