Russian army recruits will fill all year

Russian army recruits will fill all yearRecruits in the Russian army will call on virtually all year. The bill amending the terms of the recruiting campaign, was admitted to the State Duma last Friday. According to the document, call in troops will be carried out practically all spring (April-May) and summer (June, July, August), and autumn (October-November) and winter (December). In this regard, evade military service will be more difficult. This writes the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". According to the publication, the bill will undergo consideration of parliament and signed by President Medvedev before April 1 of the current year, in other words before the vernal appeal.

The newspaper also notes that difficulties await a fighter designed in the spring: the timing of dismissal can take up to 5 months, and the service for many conscripts could be just 12 months, and almost 18 months.

The draft federal law "On introduction of configurations to Article 25 of the Federal Law" On Military Duty and Military Service "was initiated by United Russia deputy Viktor Zavarzin, Misha Babic and Yuri Savenko. The MPs propose to extend the vernal call the army until August 31, and to reduce fall-on-one month, in other words to call recruits troops from October 1 and November 1 to December 31. The government has already approved the proposal of the deputy military lobby says, "NG", referring to the official review on the bill, which was signed last week the control of the government Vyacheslav Volodin.
Meanwhile Volodin offered to quit without changing the autumn term of the Russian people call for military service, "as the activities related to the provision of voter Russian people who evade military service, within 2 months is difficult." Most of the party in power to such amendment must heed. Means, not including 2 months of winter and the 1st month of spring, call in troops will be carried out almost every year, the newspaper said.

As they say the founders of the bill, the document will allow to increment the number of sergeants and soldiers prepared by specialists of 1.5 times, which would "increase the combat readiness." It should be noted that the amendments had not yet considered, but in almost all the army training units, military units and centers have already defected to the three-month fast-track training sergeants and professionals for the troops.

The last commander of the Black Sea Fleet deputy from the Communist Party, Vladimir Komoedov believes that in three months' impossible to produce competent spices, much less the sergeant, who apart from the knowledge of the military profession to teach and command personnel. " "In civilized armies of the world to train such professionals assigned to a minimum of one to 2-years", — said Komoedov.

According to the views of the admiral, "appoint young neobstrelyannogo" sparrow "after a three-month course for the position of Sergeant in troops — It is a profanation of the military organization of the country. "

This point of view divides and chairman of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Union of Prof. soldiers, Captain 1st Rank Oleg Shvedkov. He is convinced that at some point, "our leaders will come to the realization that the soldier and the sergeant at the call to serve in the army and navy at least two years."

Member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense, Chairman of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of the Russian Federation Valentina Melnikova, in turn, believes that United Russia initiated the law related to the lack of recruits and is focused on tightening measures by local authorities "for catching young men and sending them to forced military service . "

Human rights activist is convinced that "if prior to December 31 will be stretched call, any one student on the results of CSE did not go to university. "

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