Russian army was left without a new instrument

The Russian army was left without a new weaponThe scandal over the 2011 state defense order smoldering since early May, a burst of orders of President / Prime Minister and indignant interview management companies of the military-industrial complex (MIC). In fact, in disrupting the timing and delivery is not anything special. And it did not change the prerequisites already long years:

Businesses indicate bureaucratic delays, due to which even the contracts concluded with the huge delay, not to mention the transfer of funds;
The problem exacerbated by the lack of government guarantees for loans to which the defense industry are obliged to resort because of cash shortages arise;
The highest level of corruption in public procurement;
Military complain unnecessarily highest price (naturally, because they laid the interest on loans and kickbacks) and low production quality;
Uncoordinated actions of the President and the Prime Minister to establish deadlines for signing contracts.

But this year the situation was even more problematic than usual. In July, General Designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology (peacefully under the title hides the developer "Mace"), Yuri Solomonov, lamented that the contracts are still to come, "and such was not the last 14 years. Most later — we are on the current year signed contracts at the end of April — mid May. Then, and this led to a convulsive, spasmodic actions of the industry. "

The system, which somehow worked the last few years, suddenly gave a failure not just — it can not cope with sharply increased volumes and resources, and supplies. Plus, the deep-rooted pattern of cooperation and informal networks of officials and directors have a new face — the new deputy defense minister, who oversees monetary unit, Tatyana Shevtsova. Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov apparently took the former subordinate to deal with the issue that the weapons experts set last 5 years: all the same, why shipments grow obviously disproportionate amount of funds allocated?

Since 2005, the state defense order increased 3 times with excess (in billions of rubles).

The Russian army was left without a new weapon

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