Russian army will change clothes in the Concept

In the Russian army all the same have decided on the newest field form. The news, which had previously walked the Web only as unconfirmed rumors, last Thursday, December 13, announced the deputy defense minister Dmitry Bulgakov. In addition to himself, and the rest of the "cornerstone" question about placing shoulder straps. In the near future on this score has been said so not a little of everything to create memories that shoulder strap placement on the form — this is one of the important problems of Russian army. In general, anyone who Radel for the return of shoulder straps on the shoulders, you can exhale — returned. The implication is that the general public will be able to get acquainted with the new version of the field form the military, most recently, perhaps as early as this week.

At the current time, intensive discussions are brand new shape in the press. In all this the old "figure", continue to associate with the name of the designer Valentin Yudashkin, while in the Main Military Prosecutor's Office has officially confirmed that the designer does not have a case criticized form. In the development of the last sets of uniforms participated to 40 different organizations. According to Deputy Minister of Defence, brand new shape in the current time received by the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, but as yet finalized.

He also said that in a new set of military field form, which similar to the South American ACU — Army Combat Uniform, epaulets on the shoulders of returned servicemen. The journalists' questions about the similarity of the newest form of a South American developments Dmitry Bulgakov in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets" replied rather vague and vast, from which the newspaper came to the conclusion that the new girl is really a form similar to the Army Combat Uniform. Between a military call the newest form of "cabbage". This title has appeared on the grounds that the set of forms has been moved principle of "seven layers" — from underwear to jackets. With all this recent official name of military uniforms "Concept", despite the fact that the final version of the newest field form has not been approved, it has already been issued the order. During the 2013 Russian army must obtain 70,000 sets "concept".

Russian army will change clothes in the "Concept"

Brand new form has been substantially enhanced with the tips of the new head office of Sergei Shoigu and the wishes of the soldier-officers. With all of this on the Russian army in disguise just the latest form of the question. The substitution of certain materials used furniture and design refinements have affected only a field suit, a basic version of which it was decided to make it more adapted to the specifics of the service in different genera and species of troops, in different periods of use and weather zones.

Field form was modified so makarom that it can even change depending on what it will do to soldiers and officers — sit in the classroom (the use of the passive phase) or run around the polygon (the active phase of use). For each day or a certain class or set of relevant parts of the service "vole" will be different, it will be different and own multi-functional purpose. So, complete the field form SWAT there will be 68 items socks, and the total cost of such a set amount to 160-190 thousand rubles. In the form of ordinary infantry units will naturally be lower. The implication is that the new girl form will be able to defend and seven-fighter from temperature extremes. Price of the 1st Field "infantry" kit does not exceed 45 thousand rubles.

Rumors of a full identity of the new South American military set the standard Dmitry Bulgakov denied. But the general acknowledged that zabugornye military uniform standards at the Defense Ministry rather carefully studied. Nothing wrong in this approach, the deputy minister does not see, with all this to go into detail about the new army clothes he did not, just telling about some things fundamentally. For example, now foreseen three pairs of shoes, including a special winter ankle boots that can withstand temperatures down to 40 degrees. Also, the Deputy Minister said about the new berets, which are now able to carry all military personnel with daily and dress uniforms.

Russian army will change clothes in the "Concept"

Vladislav Shurigin? editor in chief of the magazine profiled "Soldiers of Russia", stressed that in the modern Russian form has been copied even parts that do not have in our army any practical implementation. Thus, according to him, on the collar and the American, Russian and jackets are on the 2nd Velcro. South American fighters on one of them reinforce distinctions, but that there will be strengthened in the Russian army, not completely clear. This applies to accurately copied pockets of his pants. South American fighters in these small pockets, located on the lower leg are personal honey packets at the same time why Russian soldiers data pockets are also not entirely clear.

Vladislav Shurigin also added that even lightning Russian developers have decided to sew "right-handed", as in the United States. In our country, the data of lightning referred to as "female", as they are only used in women's clothes and in uniform were never used. But the American fighter all zippers are because it is believed that in the case of injured soldier will be more convenient to unbutton another soldier who will provide assistance to the wounded. With all of this, according to Shurygina as in American uniforms on Russian special lockable zipper with Velcro strap.

With all of this difference between the two forms-name is. According to Anatoly Matviychuk, former officer of the special forces units, the candidate of military sciences, on the Russian form pockets about 1.5 times less. Because of this, the Russian twist to fit not only the passport cover, and mobile phones. The same failure was noted and Thigh pockets. Matveichuk such a solution is not found any grounds, except the 1st, according to which the manufacturer simply saved on the media. He also noted the fact that the creators of ACU lot of attention paid to their own small items that Russian manufacturer of "BTK groups" considered unnecessary.

Russian army will change clothes in the "Concept"

At Yankee shoulder pockets lined with a hundred percent "Velcro" to attach chevrons, in addition provided mounting over the breast pocket for the symbols of military specialties, badges with the name and naming, etc. On the form itself is not Russian. Other than that there are no infrared tags that are perceptible in the night vision devices, the data labels on the ACU placed on his shoulders. In addition to the preserved in Russia pockets for pens, located on the left sleeve. With all of this all the experts are of the outlook, there is nothing bad in borrowing fr
om foreigners there.

At one time Americans have responded very quickly to the combat experience that have acquired during the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. And made in the USA form is very comfortable. The exciting thing is that such a form of use in the Russian special units. For example, several special forces units purchased by the Interior Ministry and FSB South American form ACU manufactured by Propper in black and gray color. Vladislav Shurigin confessed that he himself is almost a year has a uniquely American form and sees nothing wrong in the fact that Russian soldiers will wear a similar shape. Agree with the views of the professional fighters and those who have already participated in the pilot wearing the latest field form.

According to the soldiers who took part in eksperimentnoy wear, the shape is very comfortable, can not be compared with an old, nor with the latest, which began to give out in the Army since 2009. In particular, they noted the gate, which when unfolded not rub the neck, and in very good condition buttoned fighter protects against sand and wind. Victor Murakhovski chief editor of the magazine "Russia Arsenal 'agree that it does not matter who is involved in the development of forms, most importantly, that it was comfortable with the men. According to him, copying the more successful models of weapons and technology, also forms in the modern world odezhki vserasprostraneno pretty much.

Russian army will change clothes in the "Concept"

In turn, the company's "BTK groups' claim that nothing is copied and used only the best world developments. Developers latest Russian field form explained that in her developing their study various forms of standards of different countries and considerable attention was paid to the shape of the U.S. Army, because at the present time it is the only army of the world, which often takes part in the hostilities in a variety of weather criteria. At the same time the company identified that the talk about the American form of copying correctly. Also in the "BTK Group", said they did not fear that the U.S. may have provided them with any claims.

Form, made by "BTK Group", was presented to Sergei Shoigu last week, and its development completed back in 2011. Total was about 500 sets, which are an experimental toe in different divisions and units of the Armed Forces. South American form ACU — Army Combat Uniform, in turn, was adopted by the allowance of the U.S. Army in 2005, replacing an old form of DCU (Desert Combat Uniform) for desert and BDU (Battrel Dress Uniform) for the forest areas. Form was designed with real combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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