Russian army will go absolutely to the latest form in 2014

The Russian army will fully switch to a new form in 2014

Russian army of one hundred percent will go on newest form in 2014 year, said the deputy head of the Department of Management glove resource support of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Mike Chechetkin.

"The armed forces will move to fully odezhki with the newest form 2014 year, the price of the 1st set of 19 pieces for today is 35 thousand rubles, "- he said.

He noted that this year the 500 sets of new forms have been tested in military units, the Arctic, the southern regions of Siberia and Central Russia.

"Since 2013, 70 thousand sets of the new items will go to the troops," — said the officer. According to him, new set consists of 19 items. It is designed on the principle of layering. "The military can combine objects regardless of the weather criteria and performed tasks" — said Chechetkin.

New set, he added, will be similar for both the fighter and for officers and generals. "It includes a suit, a few jackets, vest, hat, beret, balaclava, boots 3 types (summer, winter and demi), mittens, and gloves," — said Chechetkin.

According to him, this set will consist of 65% cotton and 35% of plastics. He added that the military will not have to sew collars and leather strap is replaced by synthetic.

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