Russian base in Tartus, Syria be?

Russian base in Tartus, Syria be?Russia is going to retain the point of logistics, which is located in Tartus, Syria. It became clear from the Commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation Viktor Chirkov. According to the vice-admiral, Our homeland is in need of this base to provide the ships and vessels during the various actions, including also the implementation of anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden.

While Russia is trying to identify the claims on the part of the coast of Syria, which houses the Russian base in the region built up tension. According to experts, plainclothes war could spill over to the adjacent areas of Syria to Lebanon.
As the commander in chief Viktor Chirkov, the base, which is located in Tartus is comfortable for the Russian country in terms of lowering the costs for the maintenance of Russian warships in distant campaigns.

But, according to the views of some Western observers, Our homeland is unlikely to retain its base in Tartus, Syria. According to Andreas Tsumaha, this is due to the fact that after the imposition of its own re-veto resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council Our homeland has become a world perceived by society as "evil force" and it lost the trust and sympathy of the people Syria.

He also believes that in the case of the overthrow of the Assad regime, Moscow will have forgotten not only about the base in Tartus, and on the marketing of Russian weapons in Syria.

Military base in Tartus, Syria — the only point where based Russian warships in the Mediterranean, and the only military base of Russian Federation in the far abroad. The emergence of a Fri-based Syria refers to 1971, his main purpose was the repair of ships belonging to the fifth operative (Mediterranean) Squadron. After the collapse of Russian Union ceased to exist and the squadron, but a military base in the Syrian Tartus remained. For 20 years, a Russian Navy ship came to her, to make up for supplies of food and fuel during remote expeditions.

At this time point the logistics — two floating dock, floating workshop, warehouses, barracks and commercial facilities. On a military base are serving 50 sailors.

Viktor Chirkov also said that at this point in the waters of the Mediterranean are 10 Russian warships and 10 support vessels that are fully engaged in combat training, planned in the past year.

Recall that on July 10 ships of the Baltic, the Black Sea and Northern Fleets headed do puzzles in waters of the Mediterranean, calling at Syrian Tartous. It is planned that the campaign will run for 3 months. As noted in the main headquarters of the Navy, sailors will be engaged in practicing joint actions related to the defense and protection of the civilian ships from pirate attacks.

Meanwhile, some Western observers have doubts that the campaign of Russian ships are in no way connected with the aggravated situation on the ground in Syria. The United States believes that the real purpose of this trip is in the secret delivery of weapons to the Assad regime. Americans also put forward another version, according to which our motherland seeks to define their claims on a military base in Syria Tartus. The current statement of the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy revealed that Moscow does not hide its own purposes on the preservation of a Fri logistics in Tartus.

Some experts believe that with the emergence of the risk of military intervention by the international community in the tense situation in Syria, the military base of the Navy of the Russian Federation in Tartus becomes very important in terms of geopolitical struggle in the Middle East. Within the region there is a rapid glowing environment. Experts do not fluctuate that Syrian conflict in the near future could lead to civilian war in Lebanon.

The emergence of dire predictions, due to the fact that a large number of Shiites living in Lebanon, support the Alawites, their own co-religionists, who act in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Specifically, members of the Shia "Hizbullah" arrange "retaliation" against the Syrian opposition, a Sunni religious leaders and politicians, however, strongly support the rebels.

A similar situation in Lebanon profitable Iran, which is seeking to strengthen its own influence in the region.

In the meantime, the Government of Lebanon, assessing the situation in the Syria, keeps neutrality. Meanwhile, the media report to that in Lebanon has long been talking plainclothes war "in miniature" because there are constantly deadly clashes between Alawites and Sunnis, which in most of the country.

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