Russian BMPT in French

First, the two thousandth's "Uralvagonzavod" revealed its latest innovation — the "Object 199". In the development of this machine aim was to ensure fire support tank units in combat different criteria. For this reason, the "Object 199" received another designation BMPT (tank support combat vehicle). Topic on which the project was created, wore code "Frame", which over time has become the naming of the machine itself.

By his own design BMPT is a typical "hybrid" of the main tank and infantry fighting vehicles: a tank chassis mounted tower with a relatively feeble languid armored vehicles for weapons. At the same time, the complex of the 7.62-mm machine guns, automatic guns caliber 30 mm automatic grenade launchers and anti-tank guided missiles on certain characteristics not inferior tank guns. The main purpose of BMPT — maintenance of tanks, tank hazardous discovery and settlement purposes, light fortifications, and tanks. According to the calculations of designers, a "frame" through the various armed able to change the 6 infantry fighting vehicles and 40 infantry assault. Because so great characteristics to the estimated efficiency battle Paste the machine unofficial nickname "The Terminator."

Russian BMPT in French
BMPT "The Terminator" (photo

In the middle of the two thousandth appeared the first information regarding the prospects of the project. Representatives of the Ministry of Defence knew of planned procurement BMPT what is called, in commercial quantities. In addition, the project was created based on the chassis of existing tanks, which would convert to a new combat vehicles available technology. There were promises by 2010 to form a Russian military first company of "Framework". But in 2010, the year received new messages. As it turns out, commanders were not able to enter the BMPT in the current budget, it also found a place in the concept of introduction of armored forces and, therefore, obliged to abandon the procurement. During the intervening time period once seemed a promising project has not received a corresponding distribution. All orders are limited to 10 units, which are currently supplied to Kazakhstan.

Fully say that the rejection of the latest fighting vehicle purchases could not cause a reaction on the part of professionals in the field of armaments and military hardware enthusiasts. In the statements of some of them certainly fascinating and promising machine reincarnated as a miracle weapon that can alone save the entire army and win every war. Office of the War Department, respectively, in these theses to get a view of the villains and traitors who want to destroy the entire defense of the country. So categorical expression is always forced to oscillate in their truth, which led to countless disputes. If desired, easy to find another online forum similar proceedings and explore all the arguments of the parties, most of which relates only to the technical and combat characteristics BMPT.

Another seldom focus was on the use of tactical side of "Terminator" or even on the very need for a similar machine. In the debate on the need was often used argument that appeals to the foreign experience. In other words, if BMPT demonstrated 10 years ago and during this time nothing appears zabugornyh counterparts, whether it makes sense to develop this theme? You can not say that this reason is deprived of logic, though agree with him, perhaps too hard. As it turns out, a world of no analogues abroad was based on the absence of the respective disk imaging. Similar project in recent years, designed by French designers.

This week, the blog known professional in the industry armored A. Hlopotova there was a small article about the fascinating publication in the French journal Raids. The freshest issue of the publication completely dedicated nedavneshney exhibition Eurosatory-2012, held in Paris. In the middle of other publications in the magazine contains an article about the Russian car BMPT. In general, the material is nothing exciting — description of the history, properties, etc. In general, all the things that usually write about the latest technology in marketing brochures or review articles. Attention professional lured name of a publication on the "Box". It appeared to be widely recognized in certain circles, Mark Shasillan. This man once participated in the works of the French main battle tank AMX-56 Leclerc and rose to the post of Director of applets. Monsieur Shasillan perfectly praised the Russian project and the slightly obscure said Leclerc T40.

As it turns out, a few years after the first demonstration of "Terminator" GIAT of designers began work on the same machine. Thought tank support fire of artillery and small-caliber machine guns and a fancy French engineers interested in the military. But for a more successful promotion of the project initially positioned as a reconnaissance tank, and not as a vehicle to support the main tanks. The project, entitled Leclerc T40 dismounting from a tank AMX-56 native of the tower and the installation in its place a new combat unit. T40 has become the foundation of weapons CTA caliber automatic cannon 40 mm. Auxiliary weapons "reconnaissance tank" is a machine gun, placed on the remotely operated turret in the upper part of the tower, and two Quadruple smoke grenade. The crew consists of 3 people: a driver, gunner and commander. In contrast to the Russian BMPT, T40 does not have automatic grenade in fender and does not need additional arrows for them.

To the article Shassilana was attached a few images to design "Leclerc» T40. Of them that were of French engineers faster overall concept cars to accompany the tanks, if tried to copy the Russian "Object 199". So, refreshed Leclerc with a new weapon system has the ability to simultaneously transport and introduction of a huge number of guided anti-tank missiles. Furthermore, existing images do not show any devices to install the transport-launch containers like the MILAN anti-tank or ERIX. Maybe in the future development of the project would receive T40 rocket armament in addition to the receiver.

It is also significantly different and remedies tank support combat vehicles. Both are built on top of the main battle tanks and generally inherited the concept of the protection of the crew and the main nodes of the structure. In the case of the BMPT holds protivosnaryadnoe booking with the possibility of dynamic protection. T40, in turn, is fully compatible with implements project Leclerc AZUR. At the front of the armored corps establishes additional protection modules. Forage combat vehicle T40 covered protivokumulyativnymi bars. A set of equipment for the Leclerc tank under the title AZUR (Actions en Zone Urbaine — Acts of urban criteria), as is clear from its name, was created to ensure the safety of armored vehicles in the city on similar criteria and their battleground, where the highest speed is not required, but you need a good level of protection from all angles.

Technical properties of the "Leclerc» T40, unfortunately, were not called. Therefore it is necessary to enjoy the only available information on the respective characteristics of the base of the tank AMX-56. Maybe a lighter tower "reconnaissance tank" slightly increment th
e highest speed or throughput. But all the advantages of a new combat unit would be "eaten up" weighing additional protection. Either way, clear data at least on estimates of T40 features yet.

The fate of the projects "Object 199" and Leclerc T40 is identical to a certain extent. First there are a few prototypes and small series. French military machine until there only in the form of drawings. The fact that the design of a refreshed "Leclerc" ended just at the moment when the French government was to cut spending for the defense. At the Fifth Republic, there was no money even for the assembly layout. When promoting T40 did not help even offering to make these machines debited from the tanks. The military department was unwavering. It is not allowed to collect and test even the new military unit.

Why Monsieur Shasillan wrote about T40 specifically at the moment — not entirely clear. Especially since seen quite hard logic comparing this car with Russian BMPT. Yes, the technique of both projects designed to fire cover tanks of tank hazardous purposes. But the kind of machines varies considerably: the arms of "Framework" allows you to storm and destroy the enemy tank. T40 does not have enough of a massive arms and faster designed to work with vulnerable or lightly armored targets and manpower of the enemy. Protecting the French military machine is transparent enough hints at the alleged conditions of implementation — the city or other similar location where the threat can come with all the sides. Specifically, it is a prerequisite for their lack of anti-tank missiles, and T40 of the respective equipment.

Machines tank support, despite the common elements of the concept, rather vary between themselves and their background information in one article is a separate issue. A. Khlopotov expressed the view that French engineer did not fail to recall the project with "political" purposes. Certainly, it is clear Shasillanu existence of a large number of disputes over BMPT and he tried such an unusual way to promote your own Leclerc T40, telling the public about it. In this case, the pressure of the masses interested T40 will be able to reach even to the stage of the layout. Of course, this is just a guess, but in promoting their own projects and engineers sometimes go to great tricks.

Russian BMPT in French

Russian BMPT in French

Russian BMPT in French

Russian BMPT in French

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