Russian bureaucrats from now on will be educated abroad

Russian officials now receive education abroadNew Russian President Vladimir Putin after his inauguration to sign a special decree on state support for the training of future officers in the institutions of Europe. Possible operator of educational programs from — the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Supervisory Board approved the ASI educational plan under the supervision of the Prime Minister at the end of October 2011. Are scheduled each year to teach at municipal account abroad about a thousand students — without age restrictions. Educated experts at with all this have to go back to work in Russia and cost of the gains of higher education in the municipal or city government. It is reported by the "New Region".

On March 22, Vladimir Putin signed a decree, which instructs the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, the ASI also prepare a draft decree "On the program there in the integration of the Russian economy graduates from leading institutions in the world" Global education. " Bride elect programm prepared by ASI in the last year and approved October 21, 2011 at the 1st meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency. Incidentally, the head of the council — Vladimir Putin. At the current time programm goes a step of public debate, including the Web. Decree of it will be built to the level of the president — that is a priority under the control of the president. This writes "Kommersant".

The educational programs from the government will pay the full course of study "the most educated candidates" in the best institutes in the world for the work in Russia: in the management of higher education, urban and municipal management in IT-companies (both private and municipal), as well in social institutions.

Training means the following cost recovery Educate: The costs will be written off in the event of one hundred percent of the spices to the State's obligation to return to the country and work for 3 years in the management of the area for which he received a higher education.

Under the plan, up to 2015 to implement the programs of the designated budget will be allocated several million rubles. The educational programm will be effective from 2013 About 1,000 people have become Parties. In 2014-2015,. The yearly number of students sent abroad may Strength Up to 2 thousand. In the event that applets effective it will be continued after 2015

When choosing foreign universities will take into account their ratings. Maybe a list of participating universities will form a similar bill nedavneshnemu Ministry of Education: the agency assumes recognize diplomas from foreign universities, immediately got in the top 300 in the institute's three main ratings — QS, THE and Shanghai.

The creators of educational programs from they say that the candidates, students will be sure to "the most deserving" and we are not talking about the children of officials or businessmen close to power. As the developers of applets, applets will lead participants in a web of blogs, in which they will have to report on graduation.

To implement the applets will be appointed operator and created Stewardship council. "Kommersant" expresses the view that the operator will likely ASI, where the supervisory council headed by Vladimir Putin.

Recall that some republics of the Russian Federation has already consumed the practice of training students abroad on government funds. In the spring of last year in the institutions of Austria and England went fifteen Dagestani students. "Brand new" adopted at the Vienna Municipal Economic Institute, the Vienna Institute, the Institute of London, Westminster Institute and the «Queen Mary».

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