Russian companies denounced illegal in preparation for war

Russian companies are caught in illegal war preparationsThe Ministry of money and the Federal Tax Service of Russia began large-scale inspection Russian companies to demand the return of value added tax in relation to the role in the program of mobilization training, the newspaper "Izvestia". Departments have already tested the 65 companies of the metallurgical complex, and know that some of them do not have a case to mobpodgotovke, and used the power to direct the civilian consumption and profit.

Mobilization training — is Diverting the armed forces and the state of infrastructure in the state of war in accordance with the plan approved by the President of Russia. In peacetime mobilization capacities may be used in part or canned, but with all this equipment must be kept in readiness for war. For these purposes the company admitted to mobpodgotovke get cheap money and can qualify for tax breaks.

Once a year, about 2-thousand companies involved in the program mobpodgotovki require the return of the budget from 750 million to 9.3 billion. According to a source, "Izvestia", the currently departments are checking companies in the energy sector, and has refused to pay 2.4 billion rubles of "Tiumen'energo." Company sought return of the money spent on the reconstruction of facilities, but this kind of spending should be uniformly transferred to the basic price of products.

Meanwhile, the list of companies eligible for tax breaks due to mobpodgotovkoy, there is a Russian cellular operators. According to the mobilization plan, they should war should send all the call numbers of SMS-message a general mobilization. With all the operators do not have a separate dedicated specifically to perform tasks such equipment.

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