Russian companies specializing in the development of the UAV can be the engines will be purchased abroad

Russian companies are involved in developing UAVs may procure engines abroad

Russian companies specializing in the development of new 2-drones, maybe will buy engines for vehicles produced abroad, reports RIA announcements with reference to a professional in the industry.

Earlier, in the middle of October 2011 the Russian Defense Ministry has awarded contracts for the development of systems with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) 2-classes (reconnaissance and strike) with the St. Petersburg company "Transas" Kazan and Experimental Design Bureau (OKB) "Falcon".

"In Russia, there are companies that can build engines for UAV, but they are only capable of, really well, so this work is not turned into long-term construction, I think it may be decided on the purchase of engines from foreign firms, which have already been delivered to their creation "on stream", "- said the official.

He noted that because the Defense Ministry has set the Russian system developers UAV very short period of time, the option purchase foreign engines abroad looks quite possible.

According to him, approach the purchase of engines for UAV abroad and used in other countries. "Those dollars for its own big-name Predator drones become engines in Austria", — explained the expert.

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