Russian conscripts still will not bind independently to be a summons for a draft boards

Russian conscripts still will not obligate itself to be a summons for military conscriptionCorresponding bill Now was not approved by the Ministry of Justice and the State Duma will be rejected, it was stated by one of the authors of this document, deputy the "United Our homeland" Franz Klintsevich. He said the Ministry of Justice prerequisite failure was the fact that the department have seen the bill "severe corruption component." What exactly it is, Klintsevich did not specify.
In turn, the head of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenko has already said that the rejection of the State Duma of the document will be the wrong decision, and said that bill all it is worth to take. "Under the Constitution, we have every citizen must fulfill its own military duty. And if for some reason he does not want to, or can not, or is contrary to his constitutional convictions or religious, accordingly, there is another civilian service. And people who avoid — is evil lawbreakers "- was quoted as" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".

Meanwhile, it became clear that by the end of June in the State Duma may be made to other legislative amendments, also on persons subject to military conscription, reports RIA "Announcements". MPs propose to impose unwilling conscripts serve kazhdomesyachnym 13% m tax on wages. Namely, Klintsevich expressed hope that the new law will take effect with the new year already.

Recall that Russian conscripts this year may be required by the summons to appear for military conscription, it became clear at the end of March. "As a young man without the help of others is his passport when he reaches the age of 14, he has to come and for the order," — proved then the position of the head of the deputies of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov.

At the current time, according to the Russian Criminal Code for "evading army in the absence of legitimate basis" threatens fines of up to 200 thousand rubles., Arrest for 6 months, or by deprivation of liberty for up to 2-years. But at the moment to bring to justice the recruit can only be if he signed for personal agenda, and then failed to appear in recruitment office. According to the views Ozerov, such method of "prevarication" from the service is very popular. According to the Russian General Staff, deviators in Russia to this day registered about 200 thousand people.

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