Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid was passed in Kosovo

Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid was passed in Kosovo

Column Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, consisting of 25 trucks delivering humanitarian load for the Kosovo Serbs, went through customs at the border of the central part of Serbia and Kosovo, reports "Interfax". In Kosovo, delivered 240 tons of cargo actually needed: food, food, power and clothes. Another column Russian Emergencies Ministry to deliver humanitarian aid is on the way.

Recently the passage of the column was detained in connection with a "strong recommendation" of representatives of the EU mission in Kosovo accompany rescuers from the Russian Federation, which delivered load. In turn, Russian side stated that it does not need support.

On this occasion the Russian Foreign Ministry issued an official comment. It states that "the leadership of the European Union Mission in the rule of law, beyond the status-neutral mandate. Contrary to the specific provisions of UN Security Council resolution number 1244, which relate to the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance in Kosovo, makes various pretexts obstacles passage of goods. "

In turn, Alexander Kanuzin salting the Russian Federation in Serbia said that the European Union, preventing the passage of the column to the north of Kosovo Ministry of Emergency Situations, Moscow is trying to blackmail. "For its part will say that it becomes natural that the EU mission Euro Union Kosovo trying to politicize the passage of humanitarian goods. Taking advantage of its capabilities, and more precisely abusing them, they detained the promotion of human tower, trying to impose political conditions in which other means to them to real-time could not move, "- said the diplomat.

It is worth noting that the Kosovo Serbs also spoke out against support, as they were afraid that the cover of the representatives of the EU mission, at a checkpoint can seep representatives of the authorities in Pristina.

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