Russian defense factories are increasing production

Russian defense plants to increase production

On the eve of the anniversary (300 years) industry, Tula defense industry promised to increase public procurement, and also upgrades.
The President signed a decree called "Tercentenary Celebration, from the beginning of the production of weapons-grade municipality in the city of Tula."

That date will mark the full-scale in 2012, in the month of February, particularly in this time 300 years ago (in 1712 year), Peter I issued a decree on the construction of the Tula arms factory which became the first municipal enterprise of. And for centuries, it is rightly listed as one of the best in the state. Incidentally, specifically here, for the first time there was a mechanized metal, also state acceptance and standardization. But in recent years, plant (TOS) came into some disrepair. Note that in the post-Soviet era, the number of workers actually decreased by 14 thousand people. Currently the plant employs 2.7 thousand employees.

And in the meantime, and particularly in the last week, additional documents (agreements) to the contract with the Ministry of Defence about the growth of the defense order for the future 2012-2014, gave the company (subsidiary) SUE "CPP" — "Shcheglovsky shaft", which is practiced by manufacture of military (heaviest) technology. By the way here provide anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (new), such as "Shell-S1." Boris Gryzlov (speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation) has assured that in 2010 the fraction of defense procurement at the plant was less than 7% (based on total production), in 2011, it was 15% and in 2012 and beyond, we plan to bring this figure to 50%. Also will change the order and payment. In other words, the money under order for the future year, arrive no later than December.

Another beautiful piece of news has touched Company "Arrow" (Scientific and Production Association), which designs and makes equipment for electronic reconnaissance. It is understood that last week, then signed program from re-equipment and reconstruction, for the period that it would take more than 5 years (from 2012-2017). Vkladyvatelnyh amount of funds on the criteria of the private-public partnership (Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey") is 8,000,000,000. rubles. It should be noted that all of this will allow the upcoming increment jobs by 1500, with all this labor productivity will grow at least 5 times.

In addition, there is now hope and mitosis. As Vladimir Gruzdev (governor), most likely there will position the orders designed to PMA, small gun. And in the future, and orders for supplies to India. Currently TOZ won the (arbitration) to the tax authorities. And by court order, the tax authorities have to return the plant to 10.5 million rubles, the earthen tax. In 2007, employees of the tax service (desk audit), included in the tax base of the Tula area, whose area is 400 thousand square meters. meters. After sorting out all the events of the case, it became clear that the said land provided by the government, for the defense industry, which means that the area is not subject to tax.

By the way
At the "Red Flag" (Ryazan region), a full-scale tech. retooling. This plant manufactures components for various civilian and military products, which are used in the energy sector, the nuclear industry and rail transport. The acquisition of the required equipment sverhtehnologichny, occurs due to its own funds, as well as from the federal budget. As said Oleg Kovalev (governor), increase defense contracts (scheduled), will contribute to loading on a full capacity.

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