Russian defense industry showed the Europeans long-range Taser, striking from 10 yards

The Russian defense industry showed the Europeans "long-range" Taser, striking from 10 yardsIn St. Petersburg, spice from Europe showed in action lethal stun remote acts under the title of "stun", reports "Interfax" referring to the representative of the scientific production association of specific materials (NGOs SM), which was accomplished meeting.

Taser has been shown in action during a meeting of the participants of the European Working Group on non-lethal weapons. Addressing the participants of the meeting, the general director of CM Misha Silnikov noted that "stun" was a full range of medical tests and received a corresponding approval.

The device has a maximum permitted capacity of Russian regulations. The goal is amazed at the distance of 10 meters, hitting an electronic discharge passed by the fired cartridge from the wire. Fundamentally opposed to zabugornyh models is that the affected from the "stun" the person fails to make active response within a few minutes, say NGOs.

Russian experts at stress that the effect of stopping the "stun" effect is achieved during a three to five times the smallest than the existing Russian and best zabugornyh models. With years of this method of optimizing the shape of the electron pulse.

According to an NGO CM, soon the defense industry of the union "has ended development of a multiply-charged devices of the same type."

Managing Director of the International Center of Austrian security Ingo Weiser during the meeting said that "subject to pay tribute to marketing and display all the advantages of the standard non-lethal weapons reveals a good way of its promotion to equip law enforcement not only of the Russian Federation, and the European countries."

In the company "European Working group non-lethal weapons on offense "includes representatives from Austria, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden. Delegation of the European working group is headed by Klaus Dieter Thiel from the German Institute of Chemical Technology named Fraunhofer. Russian in this international organization is Dr. the Metropolitan Municipal Technical Institute Bauman Victor Selivanov.

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