Russian defense policy vorachivaetsya to the 30s?

The defense industry is a principal economic sector, which forms the real basis for state security and defense. The complex is one of the main sources of big money in the municipal coffers. Because his condition is keen enthusiasm of the military and political elite of the country.

In modern Russian Federation accident were such that at the initial stage of formation of this attention has dropped significantly. The shift to a market-based business, numerous geopolitical configuration on a global scale has led to the fact that the defense industry was on the brink of survival. Circumstances that enough — it's destructive economic processes, and management failures, excessive unadjusted redundancy and complex. In addition, against the background of military arsenals left over from the Russian Union created impression that in the military-industrial sector's okay.

And the results are well known — is a sharp decrease in municipal orders, disorderly conduct policy in the defense industry have become a prerequisite to reduce the production and scientific-technical activity huge number of defense companies, the loss of technology depreciation funds outflow of labor force with the highest qualifications. And the only conclusion large export contracts for the supply of arms and military equipment, managed to keep the potential of the industry.

Incipient systemic crisis in the industry claimed urgent action. And they were taken through the orders and instructions of the government. But even in the criteria of the stabilization fund and the yearly growth of defense contracts, certain destructive tendencies of the past and a very peculiar to the modern complex. Thus, municipal programm weapons to nedavneshnego time was aimed at upgrading and repairing existing armament and military equipment rather than purchase a serial. Insufficiently regulated legal issues, namely, there is the problem of protecting the results of mental facilities. Unable to prevent the downward trend and age properties employed in the defense industry workers, and today in defense enterprises is virtually absent expertly prepared by qualified young workers. In addition, according to the disk imaging acquired in the Federal Tax Service, about 170 organizations and companies of the defense-industrial complex is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Russian political and business circles uniformly come to the realization that the military-industrial complex has tremendous value in the process of addressing socio-economic and political problems of the country. Thus, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his own programmke caused among the important strategic priority economic growth, GDP and the modernization of the armed forces.

As pointed out not long ago at a meeting of the President of the Security Council, the currently all contracts that have been signed by the municipal defense order, can not elucidate the system work.

In addition, the pricing policy for the products of the military mission does not contribute to the development of the industry. So in the process of meeting the country's head of the Russian Security Council said that between the existing methods and departmental instructions that determine pricing is important, very often contradicting each other differences. So Makar, very often these documents are mutually exclude each other.

In his view product prices MIC must be approved by the government. In this regard, the President instructed the Prime Minister D. Medvedev to take a closer look on the same pricing for the products of military importance, and kept under the personal supervision of the work in this direction. Resolution of the Government, so Makarov must be approved by the principles and rules for the different types of models and price calculation of the actual indexation of prices and profitability, planning and cost accounting.

In addition, according to the President, delivered at the meeting of the Security Council, in the Russian military-industrial complex to do the prerequisites for a breakthrough. As soon as possible it is necessary not only to upgrade production facilities, and the technical level to modernize companies engaged in the military sector. After all those cycles of modernization, which, because of certain events have been missed in the past 30 years have had a negative impact on the defense industry. And even despite the fact that the aim is very tight, still have a ways to solve because the problem should be resolved. According to Putin, necessary perform a powerful breakthrough in terms of modernization of the defense industrial sector, just as it was done in the 30s of the last century. To reach the hidden, you need to develop scientific and technical component in the process of creation and mass production of promising new weapons systems.

In addition, the need to improve productivity in the enterprises of the defense industry, so as allocated from the municipal budget funds should not be wasted on ineffective work. Because one of the objectives of the perineum in the process of modernization and development of the defense industry is the introduction of energy-efficient technologies and high-quality modern organization of the production process. So Makar, you can fight a form of corruption, because the existence of a single price for a certain type of finished products for all buyers will guarantee that will likely prevent kickbacks in the procurement process technology.

But with all this there is a problem — make a unified pricing system in the criteria of the lack of competition in the industry and bilateral pressure on the government to be very difficult. It is understood in the USSR. Then, for the creation of "artificial" competition made redundant production. But the criteria of modern RF funds for the maintenance of such production is not enough, because they left the union. So Makar, competition as such is gone. In addition, the criteria of a market economy in the defense industry complex been abandoned to their fate, because the emergence of decent funding has led to higher prices for Hassle-production of "defense."

In addition, the important role played by the financial component, in other words the average establishing economic units in the "defense", namely, the structure of management models. This puzzle can be solved with a comprehensive audit and review of performance of each separately taken enterprise of the defense-industrial complex.

According to the president, the signing of long-term contracts defense companies will provide an opportunity to improve profitability, in other words — will allow a profit, which would be enough not only for the development of, and to the timely payment of decent wages and verbovanie in branch young professionals. With all of this for the economic viability of the companies to be created base, because obtaining large profits impossible to reach by inflating the price of the product. Price contracts should be as clear and fair.

Completely plausible and necessary to become zabugornom and cooperation with partners, since the exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practices provides a good impetus to development. At the same time, the head of the country considers unacceptable the creation of companies to build analogues of foreign weapons and equipment of the same or worse — devices and spare parts. On the territory of Russian Federation should unfold the full production cycle — from the beginning of the design process to the start of series production and supply of spare parts and devices.

Aside from that, Putin considers it necessary to establish full control over the timing of the development of new types of weapons and
military equipment. Need tirelessly watching to see how things develop, at what rate, how many deliveries are carried out, but for all that watch over the quality of products and compliance with technical standards. With all this, he recalled that in the past few years, the implementation of the defense of municipal contracts performed with severe neuvvyazkami.

And, of course, Putin said, necessary monitor the timely funding of projects.

Another fundamental issue raised at the meeting was the issue verbovanii personal business in the defense industry. According to the President, necessary simplify the formation of new companies defense industry based on personal business. Moreover, the need for more effective incentives obmyslit in order to lure defense contracts to perform civilian enterprises, research centers and universities. One of these incentives, in the views of Vladimir Putin, would be to create a single database with information on what the needs of the defense industry is experiencing complex.

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