Russian drones receive Ukrainian engines

Russian drones receive Ukrainian engines

Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" will supply engines for a promising Russian unmanned aircraft. On this, as reported by "The airport," said Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Vyacheslav Boguslaev. According to him, the engines for UAVs will be collected in RF. For what specific UAV engines will be available, Boguslaev did not elaborate.

"Motor Sich" is naikrupneyshey the post-Soviet space company that produces small-sized engines, designed for easy installation in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. According Boguslayev, company wants to focus on the production of engines MS-400 and the development and certification of MS-450 UAVs.

In the middle of October 2011 the Ministry of Defence has awarded contracts for the development of unmanned 2-classes — Intelligence and stroke. The agreements were signed with the St. Petersburg company "Transas" and Kazan bureau "Falcon". Both companies are building UAVs together.

As expected, the impact tests drone held in 2014, with the first flight tests of the unit will be at the end of 2012. Terms of reference for the establishment of the Ministry of Defense of shock RF approved the first of April. While it is clear that the new UAV will be designed on a modular scheme.

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