Russian elastic power

As the chief of the department of municipal orders NPP "RUSBANA" Oleg Taksheev, in August of this year, the company plans to conduct tests entirely new inflatable models that simulate anti-aircraft missile systems and complement existing models of tanks and aircraft, which are now used by the troops. According to the results of field tests Ministry of Defence is ready to include certain items in the list of the Municipal defense order for 2012.

In the middle of enterprise that is done serially, Oleg Taksheev styled models that mimic the anti-aircraft system LZK-1 (this "balloon" is a C-300). Earlier it was reported that "RUSBANA" for 2011 put the Russian defense department party inflatable (rubber) layouts fighters and tanks. The fact that the Russian armed forces will also inflatable missile systems, the Defense Ministry reported in the summer of 2010. The development of simulation models and SAM missile systems created for the Army of the Russian Federation, it was planned to finish by the end of 2011 or the last time for the beginning of 2012. In this case, the question was not only mock-ups of new systems, and improved air defense missile systems and missile technology that have long been taken to supply, for example, anti-aircraft missile systems S-300.

Some experts at saying that, given the very low standard of technology and labor-intensive production models to make them fully accessible for sewing technology in other enterprises. Any of the pneumatic layout of equipment consists of a shell, thermal and radar simulators, power, fans, etc. The structure of inflatable models can also enter details of a hard skeleton. All layouts are simply transported by air, road and sea transport without any restrictions. With all of this installed cost of the 1st inflatable layout does not exceed 1-2% of the price of the original.

Despite the assurances of the manufacturers of rubber layouts that their products can provide real assistance to the armed forces in the West on these innovation openly scoff. So, namely, everyday English newspaper The Daily Mail maliciously made fun of so-called "rubber power" Russian armed forces, stating that its arsenal is packed with a variety of inflatable tanks and missiles. In Russia, such statements are responsible for the rubber models do not take into Russian armed forces even 1% of the number of real military equipment. Such false instrument exists in all the armies of the developed world, is no exception and English army. Typically, the funds at the ready models of aircraft, tanks, missiles and even submarines to cut one of the yearly budgets.

In this case it is appropriate to recall the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in the late '90s in which the active role of perceived and RAF aircraft. Of course, the English edition of journalists have forgotten how their pilots bravely destroying missiles at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars in inflatable tanks and planes that are at times cheaper than taking them as true. As a disk imaging all dummies that were used by the Yugoslav army, were Russian production. And later the British generals sent representations to the medals and orders of their own brave pilots who Tipo with precision attacked the Yugoslav positions and killed hundreds of planes, guns, missiles and tanks. And in the end it was a great presentation of a heresy. The Serbs then christened their sonorous government services "for the victory over Russian condoms."

General Director of NPP "RUSBANA" Alexander Talanov proudly knows about services enterprise, namely, it shows that "the inflatable technology recreates the radar spectrum, near infrared and thermal spectrum, similar devices of night vision, with that in mind, models look great on devices enemy observation as a true service. With all of this on the army to disperse the inflatable fighting positions more easily than real, for example, layout tank inflates almost four a minute and missile system — five. "

The same edition of The Daily Mail quips: "Russia in name only boasts the world for their advanced weapons systems." One gets the impression that British journalists do not read Russian newspapers in which almost every day tells about a significant dilemma in the Russian armed forces, and on the most recent State rearmament program there, for the period until 2020. Including the Russian Air Force's strategic bombers, which sometimes visited by a neutral waters off the coast of England. Then the royal air force in a panic fly out to meet them, and the British media vengeance begin to howl about that "Russian Bear again showing his fangs. " So all the same inflatable or true?

There is criticism of the use of pneumatic layout of equipment and in Russia. So, namely, the individual military experts say the programm Russian army pneumatic models of aircraft and armored vehicles can not be justified in so far as it is planned. Great tools that will dissipate now and in the future for waste rubber tanks and missiles, funneling a torrent wasted.

The problem is that the inflatable technology can not fully reproduce all the characteristics of a true fighting machine. Well, today's means of detection simply distinguish the materials used for the production of similar equipment from the metal. And in actual combat criteria such models in general are stupid, experts say.

Despite the claims of professionals in the Defense Ministry decided to supply the army every year about 100 different models of military equipment. As previously reported, the total number of different inflatable technology will be 800 units. That zeal with which the Defense Ministry seeks to fill the army with rubber models of military equipment, for anybody not be news if a message appears on the adoption of a inflatable foot and the same generals.

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