Russian experts are not found a danger to European missile defense

Russian experts have found no threat to European missile defense

Russian military experts have discovered that the controversy surrounding the U.S. missile defense in Europe are of a political nature.
System U.S. missile defense does not pose a real threat to Russian strategic nuclear forces. This is the conclusion of the round table on "Joint missile defense system in Europe: Challenges and Prospects" which held in Moscow under the auspices of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis and Russian social and political center.

— The main problem — techno. Creating a system capable of firmly intercept Russian ballistic missiles, soaring in the United States on the active section of the line movement from the territory of Eastern Europe, is virtually impossible, — says Vladimir Yevseyev, director of the Center for Public Policy research, an expert on rocket technology.

According to him, the difficulty lies in the timely detection of missile launches and issue a clear targeting a missile interceptor. Given the time of loss is virtually impossible to guarantee interception.

More severe threat of ballistic missiles — ship-based system, as the warships can be arranged in at least some point of the oceans, including the right "under the path." But this is not realistic until such time as our homeland is in control of its polar waters, as all missiles at the United States flying across the northern latitudes.

At the same time in the future the situation may change if the United States decides to deploy in Europe a massive system than the SM-3 missile system "Aegis" came to the views of participants of the round table. In addition, the U.S. continues to improve its missile defense system in the area.

— Interception warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase of the movement line is more affordable, and the United States have systems like THAAD, which may act in a similar way — allocated Yevseyev.

While the two countries have not agreed on missile defense, our motherland will refer to the United States with mistrust, the director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Sharavin. And to overcome this distrust, experts said, can only be lengthy negotiations and joint work on this topic.

— Some progress we have — 20 years ago it was impossible to imagine such exchange of views and information which is now. With all of this work lasts in question is to develop a joint warning center missile launches and the ability of joint command and staff exercises — said Sharavin.

At the same time, military expert, Major General Alexander Doronin's Stores noted that the joint activities of this kind prevents missing training Russian military professionals on the topic.

— Unfortunately, in the armed forces is the lack of officers who could work together with the Yankees — explained Doronin. Because, in his view, to conduct joint exercises to intercept ballistic missiles is real is very hard, because it will need the "highest level" of the interaction, which we are still not available.

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