Russian Federation paid all debts Kyrgyz

Russia repaid all debts KyrgyzAs it passed the RIA "Novosti", the Ministry of Defence who had repaid the Russian Federation debt to $ 15.5 million to Kyrgyzstan. This debt for the lease of the territories under military objects accumulate in a couple of years. This was said at the moment press-service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Defense.

President Kyrgyzstan Atambayev, who was last week in Moscow, told the media disk imaging, the Defense Ministry that the country owes about fifteen million dollars owed to the Kyrgyz side as the price of being in the country Russian military bases. Atambayev also said that Dmitry Medvedev in talks ordered within 10 days to make payment of debts. Then in the Kremlin press-Service confirmed its readiness to fulfill the payment.

Press-service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Defense said that from the Russian Defense Ministry received a letter about the transfer on March 1 in the amount of money of U.S. $ 15,466,238 for the lease of the location of military facilities territories of the Russian Federation on the territory of Kyrgyzstan in 2008-2011.

Acquired means to use the money for the needs of the Ministry of Defense Kyrgyzstan. This was said by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Defense.

Recall that in Kyrgyzstan currently hosts several Russian sites: torpedo-testing site in Karakol, Kant air base, naval communications center in the village. Kara-Balta, and seismic in Maili-Suu.

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