Russian Federation refuses submarine project Harmony

Russia refuses submarine project "Harmony"Russian Navy abandon the construction of submarine diesel-electric submarines of the project 677 "Lada" due to the imperfections of the power plant. (Information RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky).

Vysotsky said: "In its current form," Lada "Fleet is not needed. We do not need new "brains" with a gun who were sitting on the power to the second world war. And it has operational characteristics are the same! "

According to Vysotsky, the alleged tehharakteristiki Project 677 is not verified, namely, head underwater boat this type — "St. Petersburg." As pointed out by Admiral Vysotsky, "Lada" — project good, though, "there you need to put that there should be."

In November 2011, the general director of CCB "Ruby" A. Diachkov announced that it will soon be developed project modernization of boats "Lada". Further development of the submarine will begin after 2013 are currently being built on the second and third submarine of Project 677 with the name of "Sevastopol" and "Kronstadt."

Creation of the first submarine of Project 677 — "St. Petersburg" — began in 1997 and ended in 2004. In April 2010 g Submarine passed acceptance tests. Since May 2010 , she is in trial operation in the Baltic Fleet. In 2008, the Navy has said about his own plans to adopt 20 submarines of the "Lada".

Project 677 submarines have a relatively small size (displacement them is 1.8 tons), the low level of noise. The submarine is capable of speeds up to 21 node dive to a depth of 350 m and to conduct autonomous navigation within forty-five days. The crew of the submarine — 36 people. At the armed submarines — a complex air defense "Igla-1M", rocket-torpedoes and torpedo.

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