Russian fighter fifth generation seek out the substitution

Russian fifth generation fighter looking to replace

The Indian military seek out other options for equipping your own air force to the case together with the Russian fighter development programm fifth generation is not crowned with success. It yesterday said the Times of India newspaper, citing a source in the Ministry of Defence of India. "Leak" probably indicates the intention of the Indian partners to achieve a very profitable criterion.

Anonymous interlocutor Times of India in the state Ministry of Defense told that the agency analyzes the possibility to acquire an additional 63 fighters of the middle class than 126 such machines, the purchase of which provides criteria for passing moment international tender. At such a step would go to the local military if the two major defense applets fail to perform at this time. Is the development of Russian-Indian fighter fifth generation PAK-FA (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft) and start creating a batch Indian light combat aircraft LCA (Light Combat Aircraft).

"If the timing of projects LCA" Tejas "and low-profile Indo-Russian PAK-FA will not be met, we will buy an additional batch medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA, Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft) to maintain the combat capability of the Indian Air Force" — the newspaper quoted its own source . Noteworthy that the three mentioned aircraft belong to different classes, because purely at the technical level can not serve this substitute each other. Voedinyzhdy connects these machines, perhaps, only that around each of them revolve big money interests, Indian and zabugornye.

MMRCA tender was announced in 2007. Price Order, which get the winning company, estimated at $ 10-12 billion. Russia in this competition represented the MiG-35, but in April of this year, Russian claim was excluded from the non-long list of candidates, as "MN" carefully wrote on April 29. At the same time tender left two aircraft offered by the U.S., and before he retired from the Swedish company Saab, to promote its own fighter JAS 39 Gripen IN. In a small list of the Indian authorities have left two European models: Typhoon production Rafale and the Eurofighter consortium of the French company Dassault. The final choice, they promise to make this year or first of the next.

LCA "Tejas" (which in Hindi means "gaping") has for many years been the one of the signs of rapid technological development of India. This program is the creation of their own single-engine supersonic fighter has been approved by the government in 1983. And the finished product, in other words plane, officially recognized suitable to receive the Air Force, there was only in January 2011 — almost 28 years later. At this rate safely anonymous source Times of India, that the development of mass production of the model also can be extended, really are well-grounded.

Is the freshest of the Indian Air Force defense programs — it is a joint development with the Russian fighter fifth generation. December 21, 2010 Our homeland and India signed an agreement for the development of conceptual and technical project Indian version of the PAK-FA which was named FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). India pledged to invest in the project $ 295 million the first flight of the Indian version is planned for 2015 year. (Mock Russian PAK-FA, developed by OKB "Dry" has already flown in January 2010.) Air India 250-300 FGFA going to purchase a total of $ 25 billion.

"Apparently, the Indians there was any difficulty in the negotiations with the" dry ", and they decided to hint partners that can not do without them," — explained to the leakage of disk imaging deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (AST) Konstantin Makienko.

According to him, no other trivial sense, this publication has not. "The fact that the order for MMRCA can be increased from 126 to about 190 cars, it was said at the outset of the tender — shows the expert. — This is not the news that it would be worth to report to the press under such a secret." In addition, the expert notes that the aircraft Typhoon and Rafale, which is currently portrayed in the tender, were developed in the 80s of the last century. "The Indian military plans to use the average fighter until 2050, by which time at least some of these 2-planes as the platform will look archaic — says Makienko. — Although modern combat aircraft platform does not play such a role as before, fighting the ability of fighters is now largely determined by the level of armament and avionics, yet out of the plane of the last century vsepolnotsennuyu substitute aircraft fifth generation do not realistic. "

Similar view is held Russian representative international industry magazine Flight International, Vladimir Karnozov. "The contract for the development of FGFA concluded only at the end of last year — he recalls. — In other words, at the moment programm is under judgment. Namely, formulated in detail the requirements that India presents to the car of the future, it clarifies the roles, rights and obligations of the parties . At such time it is not unusual that the partners use the middle and the rest of the leaks to the press, trying to influence the course of the negotiations. " Comment of "dry", composed of the same name comes bureau, yesterday was not available.

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