Russian fighter T-50 will protect from the freezing

Russian fighter jet T-50 will protect from the "freezing"

Ministry of Industry handy industrial development for the creation of the electrical innards Russian fighter fifth-generation PAK FA (T-50). For the development of integrated modular avionics (IMA) combat systems department is ready to pay almost 68 million rubles. Want to create a data-processing modules that are responsible for the implementation of most processes, aircraft navigation, on-screen display, navigation, and a lot of others — except for the simple kind of conditioning and the landing gear.

Almost PAK FA is ready, the first batch of aircraft should be, according to the plans of the Ministry of Defence, get off the assembly flow in 2015. Three experienced a reference machine already running programs from flight tests. Ministry of Industry is required specifically because the commercial development of production narrow avionics.

Most of disk imaging properties of the T-50 is kept secret, it is clear just plane meets the fighter fifth generation is developing a supersonic speed without afterburner switch has a low radar signature, maneuvering with significant loads.

According to the tender documents, the main task of the project — to move from a traditional multi-machine computer systems to the built in accordance with the concept of IMA.

— It is a rejection of the system, in which each individual puzzle solves a single machine. Implementing a system where many tasks can be performed on one chip — interpreted the "News" Konstantin Egorov, an expert on modular avionics, head of the laboratory at the Research Institute of Aviation Systems.

Yegorov says that such development extensively implemented in the civilian aircraft and, of course, has to be in the military aircraft. IMA least Overhead than traditional system, and all this can provide tremendous performance. Each process gets its own priority level is the most critical made first because system is protected from the "freezing".

If the transition to the IMA will not happen T-50, it will affect the entire industry, since the creation of the fighter — one of the main incentives for the development of military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, according to the tender documents. The international aviation industry is already defected to the latest integrated avionics system for more than 10 years ago.

— Preservation of the traditional scheme of increment gap between the world of practice and just make the Russian aircraft industry uncompetitive — predict the creators of the terms of reference.

— This is a really harsh step forward for the Russian Avionics, — Agrees to a professional in the field of defense research, a senior researcher at the MIPT Ilya Klabukov. — From the perspective of improving military equipment and increase the country's defense claimed programm is not objectionable.

With all this spetsy recommend to pay attention to the technical requirements for systems to be established for the fighter. In their opinion, the equipment claimed features is unlikely to provide an advantage of RF technology.

— The approach to its design is similar to the designer Lego immediately and annoying idea to catch up with Lockheed Martin (a company specializing in the field of aviation. — "News"), rather than the technology advantages of combat — has been criticized Klabukov. — As a base for the creation of the system are taken ARINC standards of the American Association and VITA, as if designed Avionics and not for the PAK FA, and for export Sukhoi Superjet.

Klabukov implies that the on-board digital computer will
collected from the CPUs to finish the development of JSC "MCST". In his view, Russia's chip is completely unsuitable for military equipment needed for the fighter class products military and space, where the reliability of principle. Even if you wish to use zabugornye chips out of this idea did not work out would be for this RF or would have had to join, or to learn the technique by false pretenses. Hardly any of the leading manufacturers of this equipment will sell RF chips for the construction of a fighter.

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