Russian fleet is capable of acting. By the end of the exercises in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

The Russian navy is able to act.  By the end of the exercises in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.Ended with the teachings of Russian fleet in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. They attended almost 30 ships, submarines and support vessels, as well as naval aviation. Teachings of this magnitude was not long ago in the Navy. It is also necessary to see that the Mediterranean Sea has long been not beheld the presence of our fleet on such a scale. The results of the exercise was adjusted on board the cruiser "Moskva", who arrived after the exercise in the Cyprus port of Limassol. By the way, the end of the exercise does not mean that we leave the Mediterranean Sea. The presence of naval forces in the region will be of unchanging nature. The setting of constant illumination asks the actions of other interested powers and does not allow them to settle in the hope to the possibility of one-sided action.

What were the goals of exercises and how they can be considered successful? There will have to digress, because there is a perception that the composition of the ship grouping, coaxed to the teachings, just was not able to perform the training tasks, which they were worked. For example, anti-submarine warfare tasks were fulfilled for missing her luck composition of surface ships. What is there to say? Indeed, and to carry out anti-submarine search and strike missions, and to protect and cover the strike groups, and to provide amphibious operations — required verbovanie ships of larger groups.

But we can not agree with the fact that these exercises — just an imitation of the real ones. Yes, in a heterogeneous group of ships, combat tasks were fulfilled incomplete composition of tactical groups. But let's be honest — a numerical and a high-quality fleet — is far from perfect. And with the Russian naikrupneyshaya time programm construction of warships — adopted specifically for this reason. In the coming three years will join the fleet of 18 surface ships of the main classes and more than 30 boats and vessels. While new ships are not put into operation — essentially accumulate experience combat services, preparing crews and commanders priuchivat to constant work of professionals to repair and service equipment. And exactly this is done.

Not even enough interested people, it is hard not to see that the naval forces are constantly at sea, conducting exercises or making trips. In the past year, the intensity of the planned training activities, live firing and distant campaigns, can be called unprecedented since the Russian Navy. Resumed duty in the sea submarine of the Northern and Pacific fleets. Apart from the exercises in the Mediterranean and Black seas, we must remember the unique inter-specific exercises in the central Arctic, in which participated more than 7 thousand people personnel, more than 20 surface ships and submarines, more than 30 aircraft and more than 150 units battle art. Became emblematic of the Russian-Chinese exercises "Sea cooperation — 2012". Most of the fleet in the Mediterranean can recall the times of the Mediterranean operational squadron of the Soviet Navy (OPESK), if not from the standpoint of forces involved, then certainly from the standpoint of constant presence. Down and failure start! Even no desire to remember a time when a departure from the quay wall to test devices — the number prazdnichkom.

But here comes another claim: "In all these exercises and campaigns produced resource technology — soon the whole fleet the repair will rise. " Oh, that's indeed — not at all hard to please! Zarzhavevayut ships at berth — bad, shooting and learning are replaced by the campaigns — again bad. You can see on this occasion that the resource shipboard equipment is developed not only in output in the sea, and in parking lots. And it is better to repair will be required after the military services than for inactivity. In contrast to the old-time, scheduled maintenance and upgrades are not only ships and submarines are in service, and has long been bred in the reserve. For example, last year, a modernization of the languid nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov". It is planned to upgrade BOD "Admiral Kharlamov," derived in the reserve in 2006. Repair and modernization project will undergo all the destroyers 956, even being mothballed "Battle. " And at this point to "Dalzavod" complete overhaul EM "Stormy" of this project. All that was saved in the days when repairs were virtually absent (not counting the fact that the crews were able to do on his own) — will continue to serve.

Now you can return to the teachings of the past. As a result of the Ministry of Defense made the subsequent statement: "In general, the views of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the purpose of the exercise — a demonstration of naval presence in the far sea zone, military strength and determination of its implementation — has been achieved. Summary Problem exercises solved — military authorities and the forces of the Navy to carry out tasks as intended in the far sea zone ready. " In other words, there were two tasks: to show that we will protect their interests in the Mediterranean, and debug command and control naval forces operating in the significant removal of bases and communications centers.

With regard to the first tasks should be to say subsequent. The continued presence of our naval forces near the Syrian coast produces tribute effect — read about the open anger no longer necessary. But this does not mean that it is impossible. In Turkey, arrived anti-aircraft missiles "Patriot", the objective of which in the case of anger will be the protection of the Syrian aircraft. For no other purpose — they do not need. Although the Mediterranean Sea and the South American carrier left and escorts — NATO naval forces in the region retain sufficient strength to support ground operations. Because it turned out to more clearly show their intent, having spent a large live-fire exercises. By the usual "show the flag" began to get used to. And to avoid giving the impression that we are determined only on the "presence" — I had to remind myself a little louder, so to speak, renew memories.

As for the second tasks, it is perhaps one of the most important addition to our fleet. Due to changes in the structure of the operational management of the Armed Forces, several new challenges. Brand-new management system needs to be tested, development of effective controls and just gain experience. The old system worked like clockwork. But in her own management of the fleet has been isolated from other branches of the armed forces — all of them had his own system of command and communication centers Fri. It is not allowed to make management flexible and efficient in the criteria for new forms of warfare. To correct the situation, were made by the new command and control centers interspecific, who has assumed the puzzle command of all available forces into 4 strategic areas, including the navy. In the central leadership was only naval component of the strategic nuclear forces. Appear reasonable question: who will manage the fleet in the distant sea zone that goes beyond the strategic directions? For example, the campaign to Syria, the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" ran the command of the Western direction, so as to USC "West" is the Northern Fleet. And if the group would mezhflotskoy? In this regard, even heated debate broke out: maybe you
should make a separate command to control the naval forces in the far sea zone?

It turned out — this is not required. In their own areas of responsibility, and other forces of the fleet will be managed Commands strategic directions. And in areas beyond the boundaries of these zones — management will be central. But to test this system in action, it was necessary to carry out exercises involving forces of all fleets. In the process of teaching communication systems, data, and display the tactical situation worked out regularly, confirmed the efficiency of the new system.

Finally hunt once again point out that our fleet will be located in the Mediterranean, as this region remains one of the most important for the future of the world. For the foreseeable future, this presence will only strengthen.

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