Russian Foreign Ministry chided the United States for Guantanamo

The Russian Foreign Ministry chided the United States for Guantanamo

Russian Foreign Ministry has once again given a reason for the rise in indignant comments zabugornoy the press, he chastised the United States for violations in the bullpen in Guantanamo international law. The previous report, which described the situation with human rights violations in other countries, including the United States, the press called "uppity." But, the official reaction of the United States was muted.

Ministry foreign affairs in this time to run across to the subject of criticism. "171 prisoners remain as before in a" legal vacuum "also complete ignorance of his own impending fate. At the same time, U.S. allies to take a year shall be removed at guantanamovtsev, citing, inter alia, the lack of progress on curtailing bullpen," — said in the material, which Located on the website Russian Foreign Ministry.

"The situation in the new history is unparalleled and, together with the fact that in Afghanistan in similar criteria contained about 3,000 people, shows that the United States most coarse violations of international law", — quotes the statement of the Foreign Ministry, "Interfax".

The ministry recalled that 10 years of American spec. in bullpen Guantanamo in its walls was visited 779 detainees who have not received the status of prisoners of war. About 600 of them released, but They have stayed a long time, and charges so and they have not filed, 8 died, 6 were convicted by military commissions.

U.S. President Barack Obama has promised to close the jail until January 1, 2010, but Law on expenditure in nat. Defense signed on December 31 last year, only compounds this puzzle shows Ministry foreign affairs. "We introduce a ban on the release of funds to the closing of this spec. Facility also installed the restrictions on transfer to third countries contained therein prisoners without notice to Congress."

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