Russian gas programm in the East

Russian gas program in the EastIn the middle of 90th came up for discussion project gas pipeline from Russia to South Korea. So the idea is not new, the Government of the Republic of Korea even allocated land acquisition for the construction of the pipeline.

Later, in May of 2003, "Gazprom" has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Korean company "Kogas". In 2008th it was renewed for another 5 years and have made a permanent joint working group.

Municipal programm to create a unified gas production, transportation and supply in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, was approved in September 2007. Also provides for the export of gas to China and the Asia Pacific region. Coordinator of the "Eastern Gas applets" was named "Gazprom".

In June of 2009, a delegation of OAO "Gazprom" visited the Republic of Korea, and in the course of the visit was to sign another agreement on examining the ability of the supply of gas means gas transmission system "Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Korea."

And, after all, an important impetus to the implementation of the gas project began negotiations with the Russian president, Kim Jong Il and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in the 2011th year. Korean favorites announced its own participation in this large-scale project.

In Moscow, a meeting was accomplished by Miller (Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom"), the Minister of Oil Industry and President of the DPRK "Kogas", which was signed by the schedule of deliveries of natural gas from Russia to South Korea. Maybe deliveries will begin in the 2017th year, and the amount they will be of the order of 10-12 billion cubic meters a year.

But, between the Russian Federation and the DPRK is still no agreement as to work together in the gas sector. Our homeland considers it necessary to conclude an intergovernmental agreement that will create a solid legal ground for the implementation of the gas project. "Gazprom" is going to take the money matters relating to the construction of the gas pipeline on the ground DPRK (with Pyongyang) longish is about 700 km to supply gas to South Korea. But inevitably encounter problems. associated with the passage of the pipeline through the DMZ (demilitarized zone), and their decision will claim the tripartite talks.

Importantly that implementation The project concerns not only economic, and geopolitical, strategic qualities associated with security issues on the Korean peninsula. Unfolding of the project will contribute to the establishment of trust relationships between North and South Korea, will help to resolve the problem of nuclear and strengthen the position of peace and stability in Northeast Asia (Northeast Asia). These perspectives correspond to the interests of the Russian Federation government.

But in the U.S., land of the rising sun and the ROK are certain forces are poorly related to the expansion of Russian economic activity in the region. Also, these political entities to achieve political and economic isolation of Pyongyang, in the hope that it will lead to a change of the regime. As can be seen, the cooperative Russian-Korean gas project not in the interests of certain states.

Coupled with this it should be noted that Pyongyang has a strong interest in the implementation of the gas project. First, from a purely economic point of view, on average, 150 million dollars a year for the Treasury — is, at least, good. But the idea to start up a gas pipeline along the bottom of the deep sea of Japan, bypassing areas of North Korea rejected as not paying off.

Russian gas program in the East

East gas project beneficial to all parties involved.

For example, in the Russian Federation — is one of the ways to implement the integration in the East Asian economy, which is the main goal of the Russian Federation in the region. In the upcoming planned talks on the gas to China and Japan.

By South Korea's dependence on conventional sources of the Near-East gas is not very presentable from an economic point of view. In addition, projected rapid growth of hydrocarbon energy neighbor on the Korean Peninsula: Land of the Rising Sun (especially after the disaster, "Fukushima") and China, in which the gas consumption will exceed this figure in Europe.

In this regard, bodes well for the implementation of Russian gas to the Chinese and Japanese markets. At present JSC "Gazprom" is organizing the supply of gas through two pipelines. The volume of supply of about 70 billion. cubic meters, and by 2030, the volume of Russian gas exports to reach 13% (whereas in Europe the fraction of our gas — about 30%). This will lead to an inevitable increase pressure on Russian gas market.

Of course, a lively and sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will increase the use of gas. Already, RK — the second in the world after the Land of the Rising Sun importer of gas. And in addition, the economy of this country is 70%, depending on the zabugornyh energy exporters.

On this day, the policy of "pipeline to the East" is very different from the policy of previous years in that in the near future Our homeland defected from words to deeds. First question on the construction of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. It is planned that the length of the pipeline is about 1800 km, capacity — 30 billion. cubic meters (completed construction of the first). Also planned construction of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean, 4188 km in length and capacity of 80 million tons of oil a year (in 2014 according to the plan — completion of construction of the second line). The costs for the construction of the ESPO totaled about 14 billion. Bucks (2 of them have been allocated for the construction of the port in Koz'mino).

A leading role in the implementation of so large and expensive projects given to the Prime Minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Specifically, he has made an effort to redistribute the cash flows and the technical resources of the Russian Federation to the east. Under his influence the management of "Gazprom" has decided to withdraw significant funds from the project to develop Bovanenkovskoye gas field (Yamal Peninsula), the purpose of which was to supply the Western consumer, and put them in the draft East of gas supply. At present, the construction of pipeline systems is not with the usual delay of the Russian Federation, and even ahead of schedule.

We have gained great success in deploying a large trilateral gas project. Pass an important step — a political decision is made. In the near time will start just as principled negotiation on the business side, which should lead to the conclusion of a commercial agreement in the middle of 2012. The future of the project Russia-DPRK-RK inspires optimism justified.

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