Russian general found in the Syrian rebels South American MANPADS

Russian general found in the Syrian rebels U.S. MANPADSChief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation said that fighting against the Assad government fighters are armed with man-portable air defense systems of foreign production, including the South American "Stingers". On it informs "Interfax" referring to General of the Army Nikolai Makarov.

According to Makarov, Americans shall be removed from the charge of supplying guns rebels. But identified Gen., information available at the General Staff of the Syrian opposition zabugornyh MANPADS are true. "And who put them — you must understand," — said Makarov.

Earlier, on October 16 in the media reported that the Syrian rebels fighting against the government troops began to be used against enemy aircraft, portable anti-aircraft missiles "Strela-2". In the web has several videos, which clearly shows that the opposition have MANPADS in full combat equipment: battery, starter and a rocket.

In August 2012, NBC said that the rebels operating in the districts of Aleppo, received more than 20 man-portable air defense systems, which have been taken across the border from Turkey. Member of the opposition Syrian Free Army, denied the report.

In July 2012, after almost one and a half years from the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, Our homeland has announced its intention to stop the delivery of new types of weapons and not to enter into the management of the country's defense contracts until such time as the country's situation has stabilized. According to the Reuters news agency in the past year, our home, one of the largest suppliers of arms to Syria, Assad's government sold the gun to the amount of one billion dollars.

U.S. and European countries have introduced an informal embargo on direct shipments of arms to Syria. With all of this America has supported the forces that carry the country tool from third countries, mostly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. According to some reports, as soon as the South American diplomats have come to the conclusion that a significant fraction of the guns fall into the hands of a constructive opposition, particularly Islamists, who belligerent towards the United States.

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