Russian General of Irans ballistic missiles

Russian General of Iran's ballistic missilesIn the media many times, there were reports about test launches Iran's ballistic missiles, but in the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation (the strategic missile troops destination) range that these missiles able to reach European territory in the coming time.

"At the moment, Iran has neither the industrial capacity nor the technology to the creation of the ballistic missiles, — said Lt. Gen. S. Karakayev, commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation, at the end of last week. — I Iran in the true time no industrial capacity and real technology to design and create intercontinental ballistic missiles. They can not even make a prototype version. Impartially se potential can not seem to even considered a run. "

Karakayev believes that if you imagine that Iran's full-ballistic missile systems far and middle class will be made in the long run, the supply of them on combat duty is even more remote possibility.

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