Russian guns in service of American police

United States of units produced at the factory "Izhmash" smoothbore gun with automatic feed store "Saiga-12" for the police. As reported on the website of the enterprise, these guns are made on the basis of AA.

Russian guns in service of American police

The report says that the contract signed for the supply of guns in Las Vegas at the international exhibition Shot Show held 17 — 20 January. "In January, has already made the first delivery of services to U.S. law enforcement guns," — said in a press release, the general director Maxim Kuzyuk "NPO" Izhmash ". Lot size and the amount of the transaction implements the company has not yet voiced.

According to the "Izhmash", "trouble-free in the U.S. and need a massive gun, effective to fire bullets and shot," and "the" Saiga-12 "in their sector against different opponents reliable performance, perfect precision manufacturing and the highest accuracy of fire from a distance 100 meters. This can be compared with a Kalashnikov. "

"Auto recharge, speed change and a large capacity magazine make" Saiga-12 "a good tool for law enforcement in urban criteria" — say gunsmiths "Izhmash".

The website of the company reported that the gun created for recreational fishing or hunting in different weather criteria for animal small and medium-sized, well the bird. At the rifle barrel smooth twelve-gauge chambered, with shot or slugs with a length of 70 mm or 76 mm.

"Call to Arms" Izhmash "showing great enthusiasm and the countries of Central America, which previously could only make reservations through American intermediaries. Already received requests for direct delivery of sporting and hunting guns to Jamaica in Guatemala, as in other countries in the Pacific and the Caribbean," — According to a press release from the company.

Exhibition in Las Vegas "inspired" gunsmiths. "South american civilian gun market at the moment is on the rise in this connection in 2012 can be predicted growth of supply at the level of 20%. Production facilities are able to provide the required amount "- as commented CEO Maxim Kuzyuk up the exhibition for the enterprise.

For the largest Russian manufacturer of this had to be very intrigued by the way. Recall, last week it became clear that the Russian Defense Ministry refused to buy machines in the 2012 state defense order, saying that the army in such volumes are not needed.

Immediately after that, "Izhmash" introduced the first model of AK-12 — Kalashnikov fifth generation — and announced that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation had already requested a trial operation. The plant is ready to make the delivery of the machine and the army. But the military enthusiasm to the new product is not yet revealed.

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