Russian military aircraft had insulted the latest country — now Finland

Russian military aircraft have offended a new country - now Finland

Russian war plane violated the air border of Finland, reports local portal with reference to the Border country. The ministry report that plane crossed the border in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. In this incident is under investigation.

In turn, in the headquarters of the Western Military Area (WEST) of the Russian Federation said that no trespassing Russian aircraft did not have, "Interfax".

And the head of the press service of the cooling zone, Colonel Andrei Bobrun noted that "impartial monitoring of zonal air traffic control center, located in St. Petersburg, and impartial means of connection control of the 1st Air Defense Command of the Air Force and Air Defense differences Russian aircraft, as violations of state borders with Finland Russia does not confirm. "

He also said that Thursday flights of combat aircraft in the region were carried out. In this day in the air podymali only four military transport aircraft have transported personnel and cargo. For all this they also did not deviate from this course and do not violate other people's boundaries, reports ITAR-TASS.

In recent years the foreign military aircraft violated Finnish airspace place two or three times a year. Since August 2005, there were 18 recorded similar violations committed by aircraft of the Russian Federation, the United States, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

It should be noted that the Russian Federation to the neighboring countries have often voiced complaints about her flying aircraft. For example, it was in April of this year, when in Tokyo saw the Sea of Japan military reconnaissance aircraft IL-38.

In response to the air were raised Japanese fighters. Local media then reported that Russian planes could gather information about the functional combat system, Aegis, that are equipped destroyer "Meco" (he was at the time in the Sea of Japan), and watching the movements of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

A similar case occurred in February. Then the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea are not liked flying near their borders five strategic bombers to the Russian Air Force. Then on the interception fighters were also raised.

Russian military in response to these claims is constantly claim that the flights were carried out in strict accordance with international standards and without breaking the borders of other countries.

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