Russian military epaulets on the shoulders of return

Russian military epaulets on the shoulders of returnThe Ministry of Defence has decided to re- strengthen epaulets on the shoulders of the field form the military. This is a Mon, November 12, reports RIA Announcements citing a senior source in the Defense Ministry.

According to the source, placing straps on the chest and sleeves, along with permission to form a new standard in 2010, has not justified.

"The decision has been made yet, but it certainly is prepared and held. At the current time has been under discussion today about the substitution of the field form", — explained in Defense.

In the form of an old standard for attaching symbols differences were provided falshpogony. For a daily form of straps fastened with buttons.

First November Defense There have been major personnel changes. The new head office was appointed Gen. Sergei Shoigu, who previously held the post of governor of the Moscow region and the MOE. The new chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov was instead appointed Valery Gerasimov, formerly commanded by the Central Military District.

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