Russian military reform does not stand on ceremony with officers (The Washington Post, USA)

The Russian military reform will not stand on ceremony with officers ("The Washington Post", USA)When is the last furniture salesman Anatoly Serdyukov was suddenly appointed Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, it caused a smile in many career officers. Now, after ten of thousands of them lost their jobs as a result of his reforms, jeers gave way to murmur, they say about the ability of the military rebellion.

Veterans Alliance of airborne troops — the most professional industry, pride Russian Armed Forces — announced on Sunday a protest rally against Serdyukov. While it is unclear whether it participate regular officers, but a meeting in Moscow in front of the Ministry of Defence has caused apprehension about the ability of the rebellion in one of the largest armies in the world.

Some observers argue that the campaign against veterans Serdyukov, the first in 90 years, a civilian defense minister may have started a war summit and defense industry movers and shakers who have lost power and money because of his reforms.

"This is the most constructive reform Russian armed forces over the past 150 years — said Vitaly Shlykov, a retired officer Military Intelligence, which advises the Department of Defense for reform. — And it affects more resources. "

In the process of reform Serdyukovskaya was reduced kazhdy 6 of 10 officers, disbanded nine out of every 10 existing army units and introduced a two-year ban on the recruitment of new cadets at the military academy. Shlikov and other supporters of efforts Serdyukov said that these painful cuts are necessary to make the bloated and inefficient armed forces more small-sized and efficient. Reform has provided strong support for the Kremlin, but they cause irritation of many officers and military veterans who believe that they are destroying the armed forces of Russia.

"Serdyukov and his supporters have directly threatened the security of our country," — says retired Gen. Vladislav Achalov, chairman of the "Union of the paratroopers," in the video, posted on the web, in what is claimed on Sunday's protest.

Victor Kremeniuk recognized by Capital analyst on security issues closely watching Russian military reform, said the reduction in the officer corps has long been overdue, but finally two thousand people, "trained to kill" will be jobless.

"It's quite bitter experience of the people who wanted to defend his country — saw Kremeniuk. — I do not rule out the ability of the military that some favorites are prone to, to make some kind of a military coup. " But he believes that the military revolt is unlikely, because in Russia there is no historical tradition of the seizure of power by the military.

Discards the possibility of a military mutiny and Shlikov, he said, officers have long been accustomed to the fact that the government is not doing its promises.

In the middle of these promises was and is: to provide housing to all two hundred tyscham officers to dismiss, and assist them to find a peaceful latest work. ACHALOV said that the Ministry of Defence did not do so — and even denied to many officers in the reference manual.

"They refused to even give an opinion on disability officers wounded during the war," — he said Associated Press Television News.

In August 1991 ACHALOV supported a failed coup accelerated the removal from power of President Misha Gorbachev and the destruction of Russian Union. Two years later he joined the rebellion against the parliamentarians of the first president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin. After spending a few months in the slammer, was released under an amnesty.

Currently ACHALOV, a sharp break in the address criticism of the Kremlin, refusing to talk about the revolution, insists that Serdyukov must withdraw. "Military reform was a mistake, "- said the retired general.

Specific prerequisite rally planned 'Union paratroopers' Achalova, Serdyukov's visit to the Academy of the Air Force, where he made a violent crackdown led by the Academy for building without permission of the Orthodox Church in its territories.

Soon after that news was made in the Russian claim, that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin fired Serdyukov. Putin's cabinet immediately angrily torn similar requirements.

Last week, the commander of the airborne troops, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov — considered by some as an intermediary between Serdyukov and the angry military top — was seriously injured when the car in which he was riding as a passenger, collided with a weary truck.

Another general was killed last month, falling on railway tracks near Moscow, on the same day in Moscow found the body of another. All these weird death, as the case of the ill-fated Shamanov intensified debate about the criminal conspiracy, that the operation is performed on the conclusion of the game possible troublemakers, but no evidence that this was a premeditated sin not.

Following criticism Serdyukov has made some concessions to the highest military officials, including postponed last month with plans to transfer the head of the Naval Staff from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Supporters Serdyukov said that the military units disbanded in the reform process, there were, for the most part only on paper that the number of officers in the armed forces has been almost equal to the number of enlisted men. In their opinion, the massive military structure inherited from the Russian times, diverting resources from long been overdue modernization of the army.

Almost 20 years after the incident in 1991, the collapse of the Russian Union of Russian army As before it is actually relies on Russian weapon production. Unbridled bureaucratic corruption and the continuing collapse of Russian industry nullified all efforts to update the obsolete arsenal.

Sam Serdyukov said that shocked the extent of theft in the army in order to combat illegal income, he initiated the creation of a new agency responsible for placing orders for weapons for the army.

The new minister with greater intelligibility reacted to the choice of weapons for the military than his predecessors, starting the purchase of weapons abroad, contrary to tradition, complete self Russian armed forces, it is not on the joke infuriated the military-industrial complex.

48-year-old Serdyukov fifteen years working in the furniture industry, before in 2000, when Putin became president, he joined the municipal tax authorities. Four years later, he assumed the duties of managing the tax service, and in 2007, Putin announced his Secretary of Defense.

The weakness of Russian military machine clearly revealed in August 2008 during the war with Georgia: then 10's Russian armored vehicles have broken even before they have gained the combat zone, and the lack of modern communications and managed via satellite instruments resulted in losses as a result friendly fire and strikes in peaceful areas.

Two years after the reforms of the organizers still have to overcome fierce resistance eagerness to modernize and enhance the combat readiness of the armed forces.

"The Armed Forces have not yet become more skilled, faster, on the contrary, because at the moment they are in the process configuration — said Shlikov. — But at least there is hope that, when reform is over, they will be more combat-ready. "

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