Russian military uniforms seem to expect changes

November 6, 2012 in resignation was sent Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. This resignation was associated with a large corruption scandal that erupted under the control of the Ministry of Defense in the company "Oboronservis." At the current time untangling this corruption stories in full swing, and the amount of harm which was applied to the state, yet not established. But to those who own naivety pinned his hopes on the fact that this is really the story — it is the beginning and the promised "ongoing" in the Putin presidency throughout the fight against corruption would be possible to fool. November 14 agency "Interfax" issued as yet officially unconfirmed information that Anatoly Serdyukov was appointed adviser to the director general of state company "Russian Technologies", so that the Kremlin does not throw his own and, if confirmed, the fight against "tilting at windmills" in our the country will be successfully continued.

But all this is a digression, and the entry on to another topic. Serdyukov's resignation automatically led to permutations in the Defense Ministry. At the helm stood Office Sergei Shoigu, was replaced by Chief of the General Staff, the Minister of Defence, new substituents are only some of the permutations that will occur in the most recent times. Almost the first of what talking refreshed in the composition of the Ministry of Defense — a return to its former place epaulettes. Previously, they were cleaned shoulders chest, that, according to the views of many non-traditional, non-functional and can assist in determining the rank target enemy sniper. Noteworthy that exactly these same arguments in its time resorted who requested these same shoulder straps with "remove".

In Mon, November 12, senior sources in the Defense Ministry told RIA announcements that one of the configurations that occur directly after the change of control of the military departments and the Joint Staff, will be the return on their epaulettes An old place, in other words on the shoulders of the military. According to the views of military control, the current accommodation option embedded in a form in 2010 — one shoulder strap on his chest, the other on his sleeve, has not justified itself. Although the decision has not been officially accepted, but it is prepared in order of mandatory and will be worked.

Russian military uniforms seem to expect changes

Official information about the substitution forms are not proven, but has managed to arouse the interest of a number of retired military. Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems in an interview with "Sight" expressed the view that the latest team to raise the question of the return of the previous form. Bimbo form, so-called "figure" pretty on the outside, but not enough to combat the criteria convenient, says the general. According to him, for sure, will have to change not only the shoulder straps, and very form as a whole. In his view, new uniform gets wet, not warm, and when the men are trying to get the smallest capacity of an old form and take it with you, at least for teaching. At the same time Leonid Ivashov said that Sergei Shoigu will not take hasty decisions. Most likely, all will be investigated, studied and weighed, then he can use the experience of the introduction of the newest form of the MOE, something will be taken from there, something will be prompted security officials said Ivashov.

Colonel Alexander's Stores Kanshin, who served as chairman of the commission of the Public Chamber of the dilemmas of national security and socio-economic conditions of military personnel, their families and veterans said that at first was opposed to the shoulder straps placed on the chest of a serviceman. According to him, on-1's, the traditions of Russian and Russian armies involves wearing epaulets on the shoulders, not in vain, as there is even a set expression to "undermine the straps from her shoulders" and later unrealistic to imagine the same epaulettes on his chest? In-2, shoulder straps, which chest is not always evident, especially if a look back. B-3, the military, which is in the trenches, in the technique, the exercises just awkward because epaulettes Marana, clinging to something, it's not completely functional.

Military Vladislav Shurigin expert interviewed by the newspaper "Sight", adds even more harsh assessment of the latest field form. He associates it with rags, which discredits the Russian army, noting that in most armies of the shoulder straps dared question the most ordinary way. For the shoulder straps there are special places on the shoulders and has special straps that can unfasten, refuel, and there is also a sewn-in shoulder straps. At the same time, the modern Russian field form, in the opinion of Shurygina is impersonal, it is unclear who is in front of you, and cut officer actually placed among the tummy.

Russian military uniforms seem to expect changes

At the time, those who offered to remove straps from her shoulders, brought exactly the same argument, saying that it would be more convenient, and the sniper will not be able to consider the stars on the shoulders of the selection of targets. Either way, the decision to develop a modern military uniform military rule was adopted in 2007. Its development took over the role the Central Research Institute of the garment industry, as model home under the Valentin Yudashkin and Igor Chapurina. The development of the newest form of the army was spent about 170 million rubles. With all of this about 20,000 sets of the newest forms in 2009 were sent to the troops to carry out the experimental socks. Went form in regions with hot climates (Ashuluk in the Astrakhan region, as the republics of Central Asia) and in the North Caucasus region.

Decree on the latest military form was signed by Dmitry Medvedev in March 2010. Set a new army uniforms included 35 items for odezhki fighter, 36 — for officers and 37 — for the generals. With all the price was not inferior to his civilian clothes respective classes: soldier and sailor outfit is estimated at 26,000 rubles (compared to 11 thousand rubles for the shape of the existing standard), and the full set of generals forms of "pull" of 300 000 rubles — a bit less than the cost Army version of the UAZ. Segodnyaschy generals form cheaper — about 100 000 rubles.

Brand new form was appropriate tests, including the GRU and the 45th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment separate about this and he said last Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. After the 2009 field test it, commandos were on the form of his world view and asked to remove almost all, to change or return the opposite. The main comments were followed by: 1) placing the shoulder straps on the shoulders, as in an old form, 2) a narrow collar, 3) awkward Jacket Liner, 4) absence of additional inserts into the fold the hands and feet, 5) the lack of holes to regulate the temperature and humidity, ventilation.

Russian military uniforms
seem to expect changes

The creators of form rather rapidly responded to the comments received. For example, the first comment was removed for the additional overhead on the sleeve. The reasoning of this decision was followed: in the shoulder straps on the shoulders clings backpack, gun, knapsacks, stars and insignias which are on the shoulder straps, shoulders pressed into the military, their discomfort is felt, in addition straps duffel bag, clinging to the rough edges of characters and stars, rather rapidly become useless and tear.

As a result, elimination of the second war in the form of comments appeared wide collar, which, unlike the primary, rubbed on the neck and snare head, was deprived of these shortcomings. The third comment was removed by the removal of the existing Liner jacket, which nepogoditsu and cool season did not bring noticeable utility, and only prevented and appropriated the form of excess weight. The result of removing the 4 th and 5 th was the emergence of the comments on the form of additional reinforced inserts in the bend of arms and legs, the introduction of special openings are provided for ventilation and temperature control and humidity of the body of a serviceman.

After that, when the new girl started to arrive in the form of military units, there was an extensive survey, which took part in about 6 thousand troops from nearly 50 military units located throughout the area of the country. The results of this survey were more than satisfactory. About 70% of all respondents (conscript soldiers, contractors, officers) were satisfied with the quality of the materials, their tensile strength, about the same as it was enough and wearing the latest form. About 60% of respondents did not feel any discomfort when wearing winter sets of uniform criteria in the winter, over 50% said that the new uniform has a small weight, for her ease in comparison with old standards. Virtually all respondents, with a few exceptions, noted that the "figure" does not prevent to perform assigned tasks and do not cause them discomfort throughout the working day or.

Russian military uniforms seem to expect changes

The development of new sets of uniforms, it was decided to abandon not only the placement of the shoulder strap, and on foot wraps and boots, and for regions with hot climates even been developed military shorts. All who came to put the newest form noted that it is quite comfort wear, but coupled with the fact it was surprising to build on the chest strap of the holder.

There were at admission in the newest form of troops and no scandals. The largest of them was associated with massive disease fighter conscripts is actually tied directly to the quality of the newest forms of winter field. Officials in this regard read as that the problem is related to the quality of the material. Featured spices thermal insulation "hollofayber", which would be used in the newest form, the formation of the state order for a reason, being changed to a cheap material. In the end, as so often happens in Russia, want a better — came out as usual. Save on supplies in the production did not hesitate to show their worth.

According to Alexander Kanshina, common outlook that the shape created by the participation of a particular designer Valentin Yudashkin, may be considered invalid. The designer has virtually no relationship to the modern form because seek the advice of a great part of the work conducted spices Defense Ministry. Talking about the newest form, Anatoly Serdyukov noted that it is comfortable, lightweight, delivering the highest performance level. "Figure" is much higher in level, ranging from yarn, fabrics, zippers, linings and finishing with heat insulators, not without reason, and its cost is much higher.

Russian military uniforms seem to expect changes

Either way, as good as new "figure" meets all the requirements of the army, it seems, will determine once and the case can not be limited to the transfer of cut. If it turns out that the shape still something wrong, people can appear quite logical questions on this account. In any case, some even carrying strap will cost money, ours with you — taxpayers' money. And the problem here is not that which will include epaulets on the field form, and why such a situation likely to occur in general. Why at first with fanfare and enthusiasm is one thing, and later with not the least enthusiastic everyone is trying to return back. At this point remember a phrase from the traditional works of Ilf and Petrov: "Saw, Shura, saw! ..".

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