Russian Ministry of Defence withdraws from Tajikistan conscripts

The Russian Ministry of Defence withdraws from Tajikistan conscripts

Fifteen thousand recruits must leave the 201st Russian base. And in their place will be called contractors.

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation concluded that the men for military service bases in Tajikistan are ballast, as the Russians in this country are very unfriendly. Every six months, the recruits have to bring aircraft, and while on duty to protect against unfriendly attacks of local residents. As can be seen, felt in the Defense Ministry, soldiers under contract impassable service will be held for at least three years. That's why the subsequent batch of recruits, which will be called in the spring appears to be the last to 201st military base.

As said, the media officer of the 201st base: "With every day or exacerbated the situation in Tajikistan. The authorities of this country have a very close look at the behavior of Russian troops on though what about the delay, and if something is very severe, and here begin litigation. 3 thousand young guys who are here, in such circumstances to hold very sensitive. With experts lot easier. They know exactly what exactly is going on, and for his deeds may be responsible. "

As told on the officer, the reason for the persecution of similar Russian troops were referred to as "the complaints of the local population," the fact that the military, "drinking, fighting and name-calling." Coupled with the fact pops up from time to time information that the state-owned Tajik fighters sell gasoline and diesel fuel, spare parts for equipment, also offer the Tajiks' stealing military equipment from the stores. "

The command of the 201st military base said: "Basically (in 90% of cases), such charges are utter nonsense and instantly disintegrate. But accidents do happen and having the real implications base. In this case, the mercy of the Tajik justice does not have to wait. "

First, 2011 201st Fighter Igor Gordeev conscripts to "KAM-ase" which drove for two months on a mountain road could not cope with the management and had to knock down 3 people in Tajikistan straight into the abyss, who rode in cars «Daewoo». Gordeeva has managed to survive, but instead of the military prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation with terrible injuries hit the Tajik civil tribunal, which had to admit himself guilty, even in this case, when traveling in a convoy that had to oncoming vehicles to pass.

Gordeeva not upekli the Tajik jail only because of diplomatic tactical steps the Russian diplomatic mission that ended amnesty fighter Tajik President Emomali Rahmon. In the course of the proceedings sudebnіh compulsory military service Gordeeva fighter managed to increment for six months — he returned home only to the end of the summer, although he had to serve in the spring. Such problems with the contract soldier would not be here.

Now from 5.5 thousand soldiers of the 201st base of more than 3 thousand — the soldiers conscripts who were called to illumine 2010. All they had to go to the end of the year in store and go home. It is planned that instead they bring in this Central Asian republic less than one and a half thousand conscripts who have served at least six months in Russia and overseas holding service passports. Positions that are left will have to give up for a contractors. That is about one and a half thousand people, which are gaining at the moment across Russia. "Carrots" are 30 thousand Russian rubles a month and "comfortable Kubrick" who converted out of old barracks.

Directly under the main organizational and mobilization department (Mobilization) of the General Staff, which responsible for calling conscripts and a set of fighter-contractors said they were "very skeptical" that Tajik commanders 201st Brigade got a hundred percent this year to get rid of conscripts.

In still quite bluntly said a senior bureaucrat GOMU: "We do not have any structural problems due to the complete substitution of recruits for contractors. It takes a planned rotation. And since we planned to Tajikistan three thousand recruits every six months, so these plans are not going to change. Any expressions of what they are willing to recruit about 3 thousand fighter-contract for year — Just out of the realm of fantasy. "

Staff of the 201st base received follow-up information on the basis that until now has several hundred Tajiks. Even without looking at the complex situation. They feel themselves "rich" with a salary of 10-12 thousand Russian rubles per month. In turn, the practice of hiring local residents as a contract for three years, decided to abandon all the same. The military department is not considered very reliable staff of foreign mercenaries. Those who managed to sign a contract by then, the management has managed to produce a rotation in the neighborhood of the Central Military Commission, providing for the earlier Russian servicemen foreign passports.

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