Russian missile troops and artillery MLRS expect the latest generation

Russian missile troops and artillery waiting for a new generation of MLRS

Russian army could eventually get adopted multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) With a range of over 200 km, told RIA Announces Defense Ministry official dealer for ground troops Colonel Nikolai Donyushkin.

On Monday in Russia celebrated a day of missile troops and artillery.

On today's armed land forces of the Russian Federation there are such kinds of MLRS, a 122-mm "Grad", 220-mm "Hurricane", a 300-mm "Smerch"; municipal tests pass their modernization — "Tornado-G", "hurricane-1M" and "Tornado-C". According to various sources in the current year adopted Russian army are now up to 30 MLRS "Tornado-G", which are to replace an old BM-21 "Grad".

"The existing scientific and technological advance allows you to solve the puzzle creation of the latest generation of missile systems with a range of over 200 km," — said Donyushkin.

According to him, now equipping the Army of the Russian Federation has firepower, occupying leading positions in the world — for example, operational and tactical missile complex "Iskander-M". "More important increment fighting ability will allow an upgraded MLRS"Tornado-C ", — he added.

He noted that the improvement of the devil "Tornado-S" is provided by retrofitting MLRS "Smerch" special automation equipment and receive GLONASS signals. The official dealer of the Army said that in the "Tornado-C" includes guided missiles, range fire which is 120 km away. "C" Tornado-C "range and its effectiveness is increased by an order of accuracy by improving the features and the development of new combat units oversized power, reducing the time battle of up to 3 minutes, "- he said.

According Donyushkina, Russian rocket troops and artillery gradually run across a superbly new state allows the use of rocket and artillery formation in the loop reconnaissance and fire system is excellent for new principles. "The massive use of high-precision instrument allows you to go to the guaranteed defeat more fundamental goals before joining the combined arms battle groups. Dramatically reduced consumption of ammunition, simplified combat equipment" — he concluded.

According to the representative of the Defense Ministry, the use of automatic controls also reduces the length of the control cycles 5 times, increases the degree of completeness and relevance of the disk imaging on the opponent 4 times and increases the damage dealt by the enemy in 2.5.

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