Russian Mistral left without landing craft

Russia's "Mistral" left without landing craftThe Ministry of Defence has refused the idea of equipping landing helicopter dock ships "Mistral"Boat landing. Writes" The News ", citing a source in the Russian military-industrial complex.

According to the official newspaper, the French company DCNS, which is building for Russia first two helicopter, offered to equip the ships for the Navy catamarans L-CAT, were in service of the French Navy. Russian Defense Ministry refused on similar ideas without explaining the circumstances.

Instead of supply L-CAT the Ministry of Defense proposed redesign "Mistral" under the Russian amphibious hovercraft project 12061 "Moray". But the Russian boats were very thick and did not fit in the dock helicopter.

According disk imaging publications, "Mistral" can also be equipped with the South American boats LCAC, but these boats are not met in France and the supply can not be. Alternatively, the publication explained an expert on military and naval armaments Vladimir Shcherbakov, on the "Mistral" You can load two Russian boat project 11770 "Serna".

Our homeland and France agreed on the construction for the Navy 2-helicopter "Mistral"At the cost of 1.2 billion euros in June 2011. First ship built in Saint-Nazaire and will be completed in 2014. 2nd "Mistral"Will be ready in 2015. Another two ships, according to the option agreement, will be built at Russian shipyards.

Air Force helicopter landing ships, docks "Mistral"Will consist of eight decked attack helicopters Ka-52K and eight military transport Ka-29.

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