Russian Navy is in the Mediterranean Sea

Mezhflotskaya group is Russian Navy in the Mediterranean for combat service, reported to the Office of the Press and Information of the Defense Ministry.

In the last 19 to 29 January in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean exercises guide the War Department decided to extend bearing life by the Russian ships in the Mediterranean.

Currently, the Mediterranean Sea is a patrol ship "Sharp-witted" and several support ships. The Defense Ministry also said that in the near future to join this order ships large landing ships (BDK) "Kaliningrad" and "Alexander Shabalin" Baltic Fleet, which has emerged from Novorossiysk to the sea. In addition, by the end of February in the Mediterranean will come BDK "Saratov" and "Azov" Black Sea Fleet.

"In the future, the quantitative composition of groups, and the types of ships operating in that area will be determined on the basis of the prevailing situation," — summed up in the Ministry of Defense.

The main task of Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea will become involved in the evacuation of Russians from Syria, where a bloody civil war continues, if the need arises. However, the official list of facing the problems of the Russian warships were not disclosed.

At the end of December 2012 the Ministry of Defence has denied the rumors about the direction of the ships and a group of special forces in the Syrian port of Tartus to evacuate Russians. In late January, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has sent to the region Yak-42 and IL-76, which were able to return to their homeland about a hundred Russians who were in Syria.

According to media reports

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