Russian Navy: Northern Fleet submarine crews pass inspection for damage control

In the Northern Fleet (NF) carry out comprehensive inspections of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the crews of strategic and attack submarines (PL) on the subject "fight for survival" (BZZH).

On the material and technical base of educational and training systems of submarine forces SF sailors pass several kinds of tests.

This was reported Press Service Western Military District.

Before the development of practical action in the gym, verifies knowledge set alarms, safety, rules for the use of individual respiratory protection devices and performance characteristics of rescue assets.

During the practical part of the exam at first submarine crew members sit on the standard dressing diver rescue equipment. Then, at the sites of struggle in the collection of water and fire, which mimic the compartments of the submarine, valued skills of personnel for damage control.

In addition, the preparation of Submariner involves performing exercises such as leaving the submarine through the torpedo tube, landing submarine crew members from the water surface in a life raft, etc.


Submariners are engaged in similar exercises on a regular basis — in accordance with the requirements of the governing documents. Tests have crews take time in two months.

Training on BZZH at the training complex submarine forces SF are an integral part of the basic training of submarines to sail and objectives for the main purpose.

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