Russian NGOs: openness about the sources of funding (Vecherњe announcements, Serbia)

Russian NGOs: openness about the sources of funding ("Vecherњe news", Serbia)Non-profit organizations specializing in Russia's political activities (such as, for example, as Transparency International) and funded from abroad, soon will have the status of overseas agents. By the end of the month of the Russian parliament should adopt law, which will determine the status of these organizations. The creators of the bill say the law does not prohibit the work of non-governmental organizations, or to limit their rights, but insists on bringing transparency to the general Russian public.

Public organizations will be entered in a separate register. "The foreign agents" would have a year to provide financial reports every six months and make a report of his own work. Non-profit organizations funded by from-abroad, will be required to mark their material published in the media and on the web, as the information provided by a "foreign agent." New law affect about 230 thousand of thousands of organizations currently available. These include the association of "Voice", which is engaged in the election. For violation of the law punishable by a fine in the amount of up to 1 million rubles (about 25 thousand euros) and up to 4 years in prison.

It is estimated that 70% of the funds that receive Russian NGOs come from zabugornyh municipal budgets, 20% — from multinational companies and about 10% — from certain sponsors.

How much money a year receive from abroad Russian public organization, you can only believe. The Ministry of Justice has estimated that in 2011, NGOs received from abroad 7600000000. rubles.

The initiator of the bill — Alexander Sidyakin of the "United Russia" — believes that no one's rights law without prejudice, ordinary citizens need to know who and where to receive funds. It is clear that in Russia there is a network of non-governmental organizations that receive funds from-beyond that doubt and questions about the purpose of foreign sponsors, says on.Glava in Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva calls the new law "stupid."

"Russian businessmen are afraid to fund human rights organizations, because we get help from abroad", — says Alexeeva.

Chairman of the Russian Duma Security Committee Ira Spring says that as an example to the law on non-profit organizations, they took a similar U.S. law. Spring emphasizes that the legal term "foreign agent"Is taken from the Yankees of their laws because our motherland wants that on its territory used as the global benchmark.

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