Russian nuclear submarines will resume continuous combat patrols

Russian nuclear submarine will resume continuous combat patrolsAdmiral Vladimir Vysotsky, Commander of the Russian Navy, in time speech at the Assembly of St. Petersburg Maritime Board said that the Russian fleet in June 2012 to resume continuous combat patrols in the oceans strategic nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine). "June 1 or a little later will resume continuous combat patrol missile cruisers strategic focus — he said. — That we expect in 26 years. "

At the current time, in the words of the Commander in Chief, in the position of the Russian Navy perceptible shifts observed due to the fact that the management of the country considers the development of the Navy value — ITAR-TASS.

"In Severodvinsk we are heads of ministries and departments had a very severe event. During time meeting undergone examination programm ship construction until 2035. This utility for consideration has long been awaiting the Federation Council and the Duma — said Vysotsky. — It has been prepared several proposals — for the moment I will not say what, but, in my opinion, they are true. I note only that they will bring the construction of ships at the municipal level, and a few "pull out" of his ministerial "nest."

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