Russian opposition members expressed their disappointment … the actions of the opposition

Russian opposition expressed disappointment with the actions of the opposition ...

According disk imaging "" first meeting, took place after the presidential election, on behalf of the opposition can be described in one word: frustration. After all, some awkward provocative tests taken by Russian radicals after the rally, the most experienced disappointing "Protestants."

As you know, in the Sun this week on Pushkin Square was peaceful meeting — Under the auspices of the organizing committee "for bona fide election." Gathered for up to 20,000 people. When the official part of the meeting ended, structurally-minded opposition — Navalny, Udaltsov, Ponomarev — have tried to barricade themselves and organize protests. It should be noted that most of the protesters quickly dispersed. In the square there are about 2-and a half hundreds of militant young people. Navalny, Udaltsov and Ponomariov tried to meet with voters … in the fountain. A Russian nationalists with flaming torches went on Tverskaya Street. Were detained by the police just about 250 protesters.

Political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin of the opposition said that in this case, is on the side of the authorities. He said that the opposition faster sympathetic than the official power, but with all this, trying to reason objectively. "All the same, — he said — no need for us to keep the fools and state that in the fountain of the Pushkin square, we organized a meeting with voters Duma deputy." Oreshkin said that this version was invented "as an excuse." The reaction of the authorities, according to the views of the analyst, is understandable. After all, if people rush into the streets, and their impulse is not coordinated with the authorities in advance, the use of power — "not a sin."

Oreshkin referred to himself as an elderly man and limited, and added that yes, it is possible to realize that the young oppositionists want to be "on the Elbow-compete", but in fact power-it must comply with the formal rules of the game. "And in this case I am, rather, on the side of the authorities", — concluded Oreshkin.

B. Hamsters, CEO of the Council on the state strategy, believes that such behavior spoils the protesters protest. "It is not clear why spoil it with a spoon of tar ointment?" Hamsters believes that the meeting went well, and it came to ordinary people. Why then was the end of organized action, the general director of the Council does not think. "For some reason they wanted it, — he said. — For public relations, or what? "

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