Russian paratroopers will get first 2013 test 20 new armored vehicles

Russian paratroopers will receive in early 2013 to test 20 new armored vehicles

Russian paratroopers will first 2013 g for the military and municipal testing 20 new armored vehicles. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS news agency, said the journalists now commanding the Russian Airborne Forces Gen.— General Vladimir Shamanov.

"Russian companies produce in the first quarter 2013 for our troops, the 10 combat vehicles BMD-4M and 10 tracked armored personnel carriers "Shell", — he said. — This will allow us to finish the army and municipal tests of the new armored vehicles and make the decision to start in the creation of all kinds of flow of armored vehicles. "

"The problem with having the advantages and shortcomings of the BMD-4 that is not fully consistent question with businesses, tsenoobrazovatelyami "- highlighted Gen.. According Shamanova, after the proclamation of paratroopers Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, has formed a working group of members of the Military-Industrial Commission, which agreed this question with the Tula "Instrument Design Bureau" and "Kurganmashzavod." "We plan the work before the end of the year to finish, and after joint discussions to prepare materials for the report to the minister of defense and protection of these documents at a government meeting — Highlight. — The Minister of Defence has given consent to such a solution with airborne combat vehicle."

Referring armored "Shell", he expressed the hope that this new machine will be changed for all services and arms of the Armed Forces. "While there are some instances of the tracked armored personnel carriers in the Army radiological, chemical and biological protection," — said Gen..

"We are working with the municipal and private manufacturers of auto technology, — he continued. — Different segments of exploration, management must have great mobility when traveling in the main on asphalt roads. Individual producers can assist in solving the problems of special machinery." These plans rearmament, he said, "in the main consistent with the General Staff."

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