Russian pirouette in Libya, and nedoderzhavy nedoimperii (Media Libre, France)

Russian pirouette in Libya, and nedoderzhavy nedoimperii ("Media Libre", France)The politician chooses not between good and bad old, and between naughty and worse, read Machiavelli.

Seeing her Libyan ally weakened to the utmost, and has virtually no chance of survival, Our homeland has made a choice in full accord with the precepts of Machiavelli. Despite the last angry criticism of NATO air strikes on the Libyan troops and facilities that Vladimir Putin, in a fit of anger compared with the Crusades, Moscow still decided to change positions. Now she asks for care Libyan dictator, and even offers himself as an intermediary for the "transition of power, which would meet the wishes of the Libyan people. " But what is involved in this 180 degree turn? With the summit in Deauville, or something else?

Indeed, at the summit of the "eight" in France, the U.S. and Britain have repeatedly called Medvedev to go to their camp and use their well-known effects on the Colonel, that his "calm" and gently push towards the door. Still, the Kremlin has never shown particular desire to follow the West, and in this context to refer to "Russian turn "on account of the victory of the West would not dare none worthy of their own profession expert on Russia. Especially since the Libyan case looks particularly challenging. After all, it is about the regime which (Albeit forced) entrenched in Russian as a permanent memory ally.

During all the long years of war cool Gaddafi has never deviated from its own pro oath, and this brought him russomaniya since 2004 (and the improvement of relations with Western governments) 10s contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. From the perspective of the arms, Moscow has also had severe an aid his own ally deserted, without even once: in 2008 and 2010, not counting the active presence of Russian companies in the Libyan oil and gas market in the railway sector. So what does happen now, once Moscow Tripoli decided to throw in such a grave moment?

The answer can be obtained only by understanding the motives Kremlin diplomacy which consists of turns, successive failures Straseni contradictions — in other words, just what is typical for diplomacy and nedoderzhavy nedoimperii. Although this diplomacy aims to gather around themselves the allies and "friends against" America, to move forward faster in Washington, at the last moment she still gives up all their plans and responsibilities, because the main thing for her — this is a business! And the means to hell with multi-polar world, respect for the sovereignty of nations, the struggle against the hegemony of the United States! Contracts, transactions, Bucks — without Russian Yankees will not get any of this in tomorrow's Libya.

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