Russian public diplomacy pounding on specific ways of Washington as his or Where started Magnitsky list?

The Russian public has a specific diplomacy in Washington by its methods, or Where started Magnitsky list?Once in the first half of the year Russia began a new information coming from accusations of obscurantism, political, mossy, striving to revive totalitarian regime, it seemed that we again have only a media-only state retardation. It seemed time to start again wind up the debate that the potentials zabugornogo informational pressure on Russia far stronger than the most likely response of.

Specifically, in this regard, many professionals in the field of geopolitics succeeded in forming a worldview that came down to the fact that Russia expects diplomatically or winter, or self-preservation against the attacks from the West. To the supporters of such ideas ascribed to themselves, even those who are not inclined to sprinkle ashes and read about the imperfections, tell them so, information troops Russian Federation.

The apogee of mental activity over the fact that our homeland has lost another battle diplomacy with the West, served as the unfortunate Magnitsky list, the creation of which was initiated by the U.S. Senator Ben Cardin. Recall that this list is often referred to as the list of Cardin, is focused on the designation of Russian people that are denied check-in area for the United States, because these people are, one way or another, involved in the case of Sergey Magnitsky, who died in the prison clinic "Sailor's Silence" .

After Magnitsky list was posted, many felt that the pressure on Russia will only increase. But what happened then, leads to doubt. No, of course you can not talk about the fact that the West has suddenly decided to end the information war against Russia. Many members of the Congress of South American and other statutory institutions of the West have continued to delight settle for Moscow in order to bring the case to its ultimate and unquestioned victory. But, there is a sense that the global situation is developing not on obmyslennomu scenario. Someone has built an excellent plan, but in their construction made little perceptible error that messed things up.

So, if we consider that Magnitsky list as an excuse to information attacks on the Russian Federation, now this particular document is the most unexpected way could be to inventory the information is already hitting on the part of Russia. And such a precedent is already there: last week coalition "For morality" has decided to hold a round table which touch on issues of moral education in modern society. The round table was the role of the representatives of the civil-patriotic clubs, public organizations and institutions for the protection of family values.
And there is not even catchy, the coalition gathered in an expanded format, but rather what decision was made following the meeting. Of course, that members of the coalition have decided to use the technique of the main opponents of their own, in other words, those questions of morality and patriotism in the country down, I'm sorry the floor. In this case, the decision of the coalition went on the scenario: those who hinder us, that we will help.

During the round table open a discussion of the problem of moral degradation confrontation youth, building a system of moral standards. If completed on this, it is unlikely to hold a round table led to severe repercussions. But that is not the same all-over …

At the end of the meeting it was decided to ask the South American Ambassador Michael McFaul with a request to expand the list Magnitsky … It would seem that such a decision should cause a lot of problems for the organization, positioning itself in trivial next to the public interest. But the only names that representatives "for moral"Call made to the list of Magnitsky, a truly open plan of the coalition. The fact is that by design koalitsionerov, the list should enter such people as Nikolai Polozov, Mark Feigin and Violetta Volkova. As you know, these people are lawyers had time to get notoriety group Pussy Riot.

The coalition argued that the participants punk band were imprisoned by their own fault as lawyers, human rights work which had just bestalantno. "For morality" blames human rights activists is that they are deliberately lengthened the court that there were bad for the state of the participating groups, and in addition, the lawyers said their clients were not going to apologize to the faithful that offered Pussy Rayot to lead programs from "Man and The law "Alex Pimanov.

Specifically lawyer incompetence Feigin, Volkova and Polozova should result in ensuring that these people were in Magnitsky list — so decided koalitsionery.

So what? And in truth, if the list of banned in the United States there are people who delayed the trial of Sergei Magnitsky and brought up the fact that not only Magnitsky was imprisoned, and then died in the investigation stage, why there should not be lawyers Pussy Riot … Specifically, such a proposal to the Ambassador McFaul and came from the coalition "For morality." The fact that delays in the process, as they say, there is the fact of the refusal to repent (Denial of lawyers instead of punk singer) — as well. A means very little, 3-surname list may grow even now …

Here, surely, the ambassador is something taken aback. I remember he called Russia feral, and after the board ran out on his petition to punish lawyers punk band who delivered girls "moral suffering" in court, delaying the process and refusing to go to a public compromise, so he just closed up in your own room and long-term re-read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky to realize the strangeness of the Russian mind. Of course, that Senator Cardin, creating its own list, I could not imagine that the Russian podlozhat him a pig in the form of a possible introduction of "not at all those people …"

As the request of the coalition "For morality" working on a South American ambassador and the administration as a whole is difficult to judge, but almost from the old days it was very perceptible Washington Post that list Magnitsky U.S. Congress recently considered just will not. Source on Capitol hill reports that due to the unstable political situation review of the list Magnitsky delayed until "better times" — at least, until the announcement of the results of the presidential elections in the United States.

If we add here justify the British authorities who received a "gift" from the U.S. in the form of a list of Cardin, is that London is not going to set out in the list of Russians do not entrance, the diplomatic and informative the failure of the Russian Federation in the world ceases to be natural, even for those who have this failure is so eager to behold.

Now, even if the South American Congress began its consideration of the list, they will have to take into account the other side: a list hypothetically could get a person whose South American power in it to create a completely unwilling. Fork Washington, the potential risk is difficult to ignore …

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