Russian regions presented opportunities in China

In the city of Sanya on Hainan Island are planning to build a theme park "East Sochi", which will have to comply with town planning style of Sochi, in particular, is mandatory to have sports facilities. This was announced Deputy Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Dmitry Amunts, ending in Beijing Russian Tourism Road Show 2013. Also in Beijing held a tourism exhibition BITE 2013. Russian regions presented their capabilities at the stand of the country, also worked the joint stand of Siberia and the Far East.


Dmitry Amunts explained that within three months of the Office agrees cluster structure "East Sochi" and prepare a plan of action to implement the idea.

Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Association for the Development and Planning enterprises abroad Ho Chzhanvay asked the Russian colleagues to recommend the architects of modern Russia that could offer interesting design solutions, taking into account the specifics of the Russian and cultural figures to participate in the project. Chinese friends also take any advice and ideas for creating the atmosphere in the park, the most appropriate Russian spirit. Mr. He suggested that the Russian authorities to consider creating such a park with a Chinese flavor.

As the Michael Vistula Head OMIT "Peace without Borders", Russian and Chinese tourists are allowed to travel in an organized group of five people without a visa. In 2000, Russia and China signed an agreement on visa-free group tourist trips. In 2012, our country was visited by 343,000 Chinese tourists and 1.3 million Russian guests visited China. Many of our countrymen will gladly walk the Olympic Park, the territory of which the 2008 Olympic Games were held.

At the invitation of the China Radio International group of Russian journalists visited the eastern province of Shandong, is practically unknown in the travel market. Over the week we felt ourselves to all the "charms" of smog in Beijing, a ride on the bullet train, carrying its passengers at a speed of 300 km / h, visited the city of lakes and springs Tszinan, by cable car and then on his own feet climbed Mount Taishan, see home and burial place of Confucius in Qufu, and met with the resort in the Yellow Sea, Qingdao. The most persistent participants still went up to the Great Wall of China — a symbol of China for Russian guests. The brightest moments of travel will soon appear under the heading "Picture story. "


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